Stylish Clothes For Expecting Fashionistas

Before I got pregnant with baby #1 I remember telling my husband I couldn’t wait to get pregnant because I thought maternity clothes were so cute.  Then once I was pregnant I found that cute maternity clothes were actually harder to find than I thought.  While the clothes looked cute on perfectly bumpalicious manequins, they didn’t look so great on me.  It took a lot of searching sometimes.  Wouldn’t it be great to be able to go to one place any have everything you choose look great on your bump?  Well listen up because I have found that place.

Belly Dance Maternity is a wonderful company that provides clothing for women who do not want to sacrifice their style when they are expecting.  They sell clothes online as well as in their store in Chicago and New York.  As their popularity grew, Belly Dance Maternity acquired “NOM, the cutting edge L.A. based maternity fashion line favored by celebs.”  Recently, “Gwyneth Paltrow named Belly Dance Maternity one of her style favorite for the mother-to-be.”
I am thrilled to introduce Belly Dance Maternity’s NOM collection to you!  You are going to love this maternity collection, I just know it!   The NOM collection includes tops, bottoms, skirts, and dresses.  They carry solids, stripes, floral, and more!  You are sure to find something from NOM that you will love on your bump.  Most importantly it is going to fit your bump like a charm!I received the NOM Navy Dylan Maxi Dress and saying I love it is an understatement.  I literally put on this dress as soon at it arrived.  When I looked in the mirror I clapped for myself.

Call me silly but it is because this dress ROCKS!  I seriously didn’t want to take it off.  Not only is it super soft and the colors are rich but it is super flattering.  Didn’t think the words flattering and maternity could be put in the same sentence?  Well with the Navy Dylan Maxi Dress it can.  I love that it hugs my curves instead of hanging from the end of my bump.  I got so many compliments on it when I wore it for the first time.  I heard, “That dress is great!” “Look how cute you are!” “Wait, how many weeks along are you?  That dress makes you look awesome!”  Even my husband said, “That dress is so cute on you.  I like that just because it covers the baby doesn’t make it an awkward length…you know that awkward length I am talking about right!?”  SEE!  Even my hubby knows how a great maternity maxi is supposed to fit.I also received the NOM Multi Stripe Wesley Tank, another must have in your maternity wardrobe!  This beautiful tank is cool and comfortable.  Wear it casual with a pair of jean capris and sandals or dress it up with white ankle pants and pumps.  This is so versatile…wear it as a tank, over a tee, or under a cardigan or denim jacket!  It is a lose fitting tank so you are sure to feel comfortable and cute throughout your entire pregnancy.

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