Stick It {Sippy Stickies Giveaway}

Sippy Stickies was created by a real mom, Carrie Wells,  running a small business.  By supporting Sippy Stickies you are helping to support her family and the small business that also prints the labels.  They aren’t some big giant corporation, you won’t find a fancy network of call center reps answering your email or phone call.   It’s just Carrie and the and her assistant, pictured here . She’s great at putting labels on packages, putting things together and out the door! was started in an effort to help all those out there with organizing their little ones lives. Carrie prides herself in providing excellent customer service, quick response times, and great products. ~Sippy Stickies
We received a set of the waterproof Mini good Cheer labels from Sippy Stickies. These little stickies are the perfect way to keep your child’s sippy cup or bottle labeled, especially if they go to a babysitter or day care of some sort. Since they are waterproof and dishwasher safe, you have no worries about having to constantly replace them & they look so much cuter than just writing your child’s name on their cup! The sticker stays firmly in place, even after several washes! Sippy Stickies offers so many different shapes, designs, & colors for their stickies, it

was hard to choose one favorite to order! I love that I can label anything from Hollis’ sippy cup to his wipe case and we will always know it’s his, especially when getting together with friends. It seems all of our baby stuff gets all mixed together and so much of it looks so much alike! Sippy Stickies is definitely making our life more organized!
Sippy Stickies is giving Real Moms Real Views Readers an exclusive discount! Enter the discount code: REALMOMS for a 10% discount! Valid until 9/30/10!

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