Stay put. {Gummi Mat Review}

Mealtime is a wonderful opportunity for families to bond and spend together. We have really been trying to make sure we eat at least one meal all together at the table each day and we are loving it!  Our children are still so young, we spend a lot of time working on table manners and getting the kids to eat, but it is still quality time we are all benefiting from. One thing that has really made our dinner time more enjoyable has been the Gummi Mat, by KidKusion.Child Safety is KidKusion’s specialty. The Hearth Cushion and Gummi Crib rail Cover are well known popular products that are often recommended from one parent to another. The original and the best, parents look to KidKusion for it’s quality and easy to use products. KidKusion provides several sizes and thickness of foam products that are available in off white, brown and black to work with every decor. Corner Cushions can be applied to any table in the path of your child and Edge Cushions can be applied to wall corners, tables and anywhere else that you might need to cover.KidKusion is a leader in innovative child safety and still manufactures most of it’s products right here in the USA!Babies have a hard time grasping to pick up first foods, only to have the food slide off the table or tray onto the floor. Our New Gummi Mat provides a non slip mat with a “knobby” texture on one side to allow baby to more easily trap and pick up first foods. No more cereal sliding off onto the floor! This one of a kind mat reverses to a no slip placemat for the more experienced toddler. There are four fun colors to choose from.

Roll the Gummi Mat up and pop it in your purse or diaper bag for trips to the mall. This durable mat is dishwasher safe too.The Gummi Mat is a great and simple solution to a mother’s every day issue at mealtime! We have a glass top table and it seems that bowls and cups are always slipping and sliding around the table resulting in lots of spills. Since receiving the Gummi Mat, this problem has disappeared at mealtime, making it a much more enjoyable and less frustrating time for all of us! The Gummi Mat is flat on one side and then has small bumps on the other. The flat side goes face down on the table and the bumps face up, helping keep food, bowls, and cups in place while eating. No more little fingers chasing cheerios around their tray or bowls and cups sliding all over the place! We use our Gummi Mats daily at mealtimes and we are all loving them! The Gummi Mat is also great for meals out; it easily fits into your diaper bag or purse and cleans simply with a wipe or wet paper towel!We love our Gummi Mat. When my little guy started sitting at the counter he would always slip and slide his bowls across the counter and they would land on the floor. Messes galore and usually an upset little boy. Now that he has a Gummi Mat he is able to keep his plate or bowl right in front of him. It is super easy to clean, I just rinse it off and let it dry. We use it everyday and Love it! Thanks Gummi Mat for thinking of a solution for kids and moms in the kitchen at meal time.

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