{Spoilin’ Mama} CEIVA Logic Giveaway

Photography is a major hobby of mine, so I have tons and tons of pictures of my children. My mother is always asking to have certain ones printed for her. She loves to display them around her house and on her desk at work to show of her “perfect grandchildren!” Well, there are so many pictures and definitely not enough space to share them all! CEIVA Logic has changed this for sure! was founded by former Disney executives with a pioneering vision: to bring the world together through the power of digital photography. Industry leaders then and now, CEIVA was the first company to invent and market digital photo frames. Their award-winning, patented technology has positioned their product line as the premier choice in the marketplace.CEIVA’s uniquely “connected” digital photo frames allow for easy sharing of your photo memories from frame to frame to frame. That’s how we help you keep close to family & friends and makes our frames different from all others.Always at the forefront of industry breakthroughs, CEIVA continues to innovate advances in the way consumers see, share and store their digital photos. ~CEIVA LogicIt resembles a traditional picture frame, but CEIVA Digital Photo Frames™ are anything but traditional. Whether you’re tech-savvy or not, you can enjoy a daily slideshow of digital photos from friends and family around the world or your own camera — without a computer.CEIVA frames do not require a computer to receive photos. They don’t call for cables or complicated technology to operate. They are easy to use — simply connect the phone cord, plug in the power cord, push one button, sit back, and relax.
CEIVA frames connect automatically. Every night, the frame silently and securely dials a local phone number (or uses your internet connection) to retrieve pictures sent by family and friends. CEIVA frames can receive up to 60 new photos daily over a traditional phone line, or deliver 60 new photos every hour over a broadband or wireless connection.

CEIVA True-To-Photo™ technology displays photos just as they were taken. With CEIVA True-to-Photo image technology, every photo is digitally enhanced for optimum color and display quality on CEIVA frames, without any stretching or cropping.When I found out I was going to be receiving two frames from CEIVA I was immediately excited! I knew I would keep one for myself and then give one to my mom for mother’s day. The CEIVAShare is going to make my life so much easier and my mama an extremely happy grams! These digital photo frames are so nice. They come with two faceplates, one black and one brown/wood, so you are sure to have one that matches the decor of your ome. They are also super easy to set up and I love that they can connect wirelessly to your computer! I am not at all tech savvy, so if I was able to get this set up no problem, you know it was pretty simple! Only took about 10 minutes and I had pictures uploaded to the site, sent them to my frame, and WA-LA, gorgeous photo slide show of all my favorites! Now throughout the day I can see all my favorite photos in one frame! I am going to get my mom’s set up so I can give it to her full of beautiful photos of her grandkids on Mother’s Day! She is going to swoon when she sees all the great shots in one gorgeous frame! Even more amazing, she can easily get updated photos of the kids every day, her dream come true and so incredible! Te  This will be such a fabulous way for her to display photos of the kids and not take up an enormous amount of space on her desk at work! Seeing their smiling faces all day long is sure to bring a smile to her face! Any Mama or Grama would love to have a CEIVA Logic frame, especially if they live far away, such a special way for families to stay connected!

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