Splish Splash We Love Getting Out Of The Bath

Beckham loves taking baths and showers.  Not only do I love when my little boy smells fresh and clean I love seeing his imagination during these times.  The other day he was showering, grabbed the bar of soap, and started rubbing it on his belly singing, “A tree sa day!”  For the longest time I couldn’t figure out what he was singing, then it hit me.  He was re-enacting Elf…”I really can’t stay!”  ha ha Silly little kid!Yikes Twins was a company founded by a mother of twins who was looking to stay productive.  Originally she began making hooded towels that reflected her nieces and nephews personalities for gifts to make bathtime more fun.  They all developed quite the attachment to these fun-loving towels.  Now 25 styles later (20 are currently available), kids 0-8 years old are sure to find the perfect towel for their personalities.

Beckham received a really cool hooded towel from Yikes Twins, the Superhero Towel!  This all boy towel will show off your child’s super powers perfectly.  Out of the shower and ready to save the day in the red and blue hooded towel.  It measures 51″x27″ plus the hood…a great size for 2-8 year olds.  On the back of the cape–I mean towel–is a superhero emblem.  If you would like, you can add an initial!!If your child is anything like mine you will have a naked little boy flying around the house as soon as this gets on them!   Beckham LOVED it.  Actually, that is probably an understatement.  He doesn’t really have anything that is superhero so this was a new experience for him and he thought it was the greatest.  He was running around saying, “Mom!  Me fly!”  The hood has a little built in mask to make this superhero towel complete.  It is nice and soft the large enough to be used for years and years.

I can’t even tell you how hard it is to tame a superhero and get a few pictures of him before he flies off to save the planet.   This hooded towel is currently on sale right now for $39.  Check out all of their styles and gift the best fit to your favorite little one!  Yikes Twins holds themselves to “the highest standards for quality and reliability” and founder and owner, Wendy personally guarantees your satisfaction and your child’s love of her products.
Recently Yikes Twins launched a Kickstarter campaign for 6 adorable new kids slippers.  These slippers are designed to match Yikes Twins best-selling towel styles.   These plush, sturdy 100% cotton terry slippers will come in 2 sizes: 2-4 yrs, with a terry covered elastic back strap, and a slide-in slipper in size 4-6 yrs.  They will be available in Duck, Shark, Unicorn, Bunny, Monster, and of course the Princess with a little tiara on them.  “Everyone that has seen them “ooh’s, and aah’s over them like a brand new baby, they’re just so darn cute!” says Wendy.  “And what little kid doesn’t want slippers for the holidays?  It’s a tradition in our house… new pj’s and slippers on Christmas Eve.” Some of the larger stores have already committed to carry them for the Holiday season, so she’s confident they will be a great seller. See the Kickstarter campaign here

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