Skylanders To The Rescue Mega Bloks Skylanders Giants Zeppelin Air Ship Assault Review And Giveaway

If you can’t find my son Austin, look in front of the TV.  He absolutely loves to play Wii.  He is incredibly addicted to Skylander Giants!  Who ever invented this game is a freaking genius   If you aren’t familiar with this game, you have a “port” in which you put your character on and then you get to be that character in the game.  The catch, you have to buy all of the different characters.  Each one ranges from $10-$15.  Doesn’t sound like a lot??  Austin has spent just about every penny he has on them and has over 30 different characters!  Since they are a pretty penny, we don’t let him play with them as toys.  They are meant to be Wii pieces, not toys.  So when he received his Mega Bloks box of wonder, he has been in heaven.  He received Mega Bloks® Skylanders Giants™ ZEPPELIN AIR SHIP ASSAULT.  He found the box sitting in my room…we have a rule that the kids aren’t allowed to open any of my packages without my permission.  I used it as a bartering tool to get his room clean  Minutes later, the bedroom was clean and there was Skylander mayhem!

Grab the cannon and take aim – Eye Brawl needs to shoot down an attacking Drow Zeppelin with Zeppelin Air Ship Assault by Mega Bloks Skylanders Giants™. The buildable Drow Zeppelin is an aerial menace to Skylanders everywhere. Eye-Brawl’s got his eye on it and needs to use his cannon to shoot the Zeppelin down to deal with thecollectible translucent Troll Greasemonkey pilot.Ideal for kids aged 5 and up. Austin has been carrying around Eye-Brawl and the Troll all the time.  While sitting in church, I looked over and Austin and Mia are fighting over Eye-Brawl.  Ugh!  I asked Austin what his favorite part of his new toy was.  The first thing out of his mouth was “I am allowed to play with them.”  He also told me that he likes putting the pieces together and taking them apart.  When I asked if that was all, he replied with “They fit in my pocket and I can sneak them to church.”  Oh brother!  He really has enjoyed having them and playing with them…all the time.  He says they look just like the guys in the game, with the exception that the toy Eye-Brawl’s eye is darker….I guess it is more blue in the game.

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