Skin Renewal

Looking to rejuvenate tired, aging, dry skin?  Monsia, a luxe skincare system, aims to give you back the luminosity of your youth.  The kit includes a Daily Facial Cleanser, Daily Protection & Toner lotion, Intense Moisturizing Day Cream and Intense Night Repair Cream.  I received my kit approximately three weeks ago, and I have noticed added moisture and softness of fine lines.  For a while now, I’ve wanted to try a product with Hyaluronic Acid in it, as this is supposed to help retain moisture.  My normal skin tends to be dry in the morning and shiny by the end of the day.  I don’t know if this means that I have moisture or not??, but I was excited to try Monsia’s Day and Night creams.I really like how the Intense Moisturizing Night Repair Cream is gel like.  It applies nicely into skin, isn’t sticky and is only lightly fragranced.  Because it also contains Collagen and Shea Butter, my skin receives a dose of wrinkle fighting power overnight so when I wake in the morning, my skin is plump and well hydrated.  Even on those days when I don’t get a good sleep, Monsia’s night cream seems to repair the environmental stress from the day.  Both the Day and Night Creams, as well as the Toner come in glass containers so I know there isn’t plastic contaminations in the product; another plus.When I awake in the morning, I wash my face and add the Intense Moisturizing Day Cream.  Monsia’s cleanser is cream based, which according to my research, is actually a good option for a variety of skin types, because it doesn’t strip away the skins natural oils.  I personally like that my skin doesn’t feel like a piece of toast after using it.  I did feel that I needed to wash twice to remove all my makeup at the end of the day, though.  The Day Cream is nice and light.  It applies on smoothly and works well under makeup.  It also contains Hyaluronic acid, Shea butter and a SPF15.

I don’t normally use a Toner lotion, but Monsia’s is silky feeling, not harsh.  On those days when I’m around the house with no make up on, I actually like to use a cotton ball and rub the toner on to remove dirt and gunk that floats in the air and onto the face.  This way I can feel freshened up without washing my face again and over drying it.Monsia is a quality skincare system that I feel will continue to benefit me the longer I use it.  I hope to grow old gracefully, but at nearly 40 years old, it helps to have some products, like Monsia, in my arsenal to maintain a youthful appearance.  Real Mom Recommended!

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