Shhh Dont Tell

Don’t get me wrong…I am thrilled to be pregnant.  I am also thrilled that it didn’t take us 18 months like last time.  But I am not going to lie, after losing 50 lbs. it is hard to look in the mirror and see my body starting to get big again.  Sometimes I get a little anxious for this baby to come so I can start losing weight again and have my clothes fit like they used to.  Last time it took me a year and a half to get to where I was feeling good after baby was born.  This time I refuse to do that again.Wink Shapewear is going to be a major player in the “get mommy’s body back” show after baby is born.  Wink Shapewear creates powerful garments that are “made from state-of-the-art, patented medical grade material.”  They specialize in compression garments designed for post-surgery and post-baby.  These bad boys can bring you down one whole size, helping you look and feel slimmer as your body is recovering and changing.

I received the Ultimate  Body 2x Blaster in nude.  This is a knee length compression garment.  I chose this style because in my pregnancies (or at least according to my last and this one so far) my hips spread like a mad man and I gain weight in my thighs and booty.  I tend to carry low (or did last time) which gave me the dreaded saggy lower abdomen.  Even after losing 50 lbs. it was saggy than I would like.  Wink Shapewear is designed to target just that!  It helps reduce lax, saggy skin and helps eliminate post-baby belly.  The other thing I really like about this is the coverage on the back.  It helps smooth back rolls while at the same time the straps help keep the garment in place.  No one like to always be tugging and readjusting shapewear.You can thank me later for not showing you my big ol’ pregnant body in this shapewear!  Here are some close ups I took so you can see details. It has an open crotch area, which I didn’t notice in the pictures online.  There are great supportive seams and several reinforced areas.  The pair I received didn’t have the lace on the leg openings as shown above.Don’t tell, but I am going to be wearing the heck out of this after baby is born.  I am determined to do things different this time around.  I will get my pre-baby body back faster.  With the help of Wink it is sure to happen.  Wink Shapewear is made from “exclusive patented fabric” and “is made for post-surgical procedures, which makes them ideal for a post cesarean delivery.”  You can start wearing them immediately after a normal  delivery.  Unlike most shapewear, their “patented fabric is made with skin-friendly material to keep you cool and comfortable all day.”  Now you won’t be gross and sweaty in shapewear.

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