Sensitive Skin No Problem

My boys both have fairly sensitive skin.  We have to be careful what laundry detergent we use and what kinds of lotion we put on them.  We can’t use dryer sheets either.  Using the wrong kind of product can make my kids’ skin really dry, chapped, and sometimes break out in a rash.Weleda are “experts in extra-gentle, pure formulations for baby”.  They have been sharing their wealth of knowledge with the world since I am drawn to companies like this not only because my sons have sensitive skin but because my family lives in a desert and our skin drys out really quick here.  I want to keep my sons’ skin feeling soft, supple, and hydrated.  No one wants itchy, dry skin…not even babies. Weleda just introduced the White Mallow Collection.  These are two “dermatologically-proven products that soothe even the most highly sensitive skin.”  This collection uses the “power of organic white mallow, pansy and precious plant oils to calm irritated skin and strengthen its natural protective barrier.”  These ingredients leave skin feeling soft and smooth.  This collection was even awarded the National Eczema Association Seal of Acceptance.

The White Mallow Face Cream (as seen on the above left) is made from 97% organic ingredients.  It is fragrance free and specifically designed to nourish and relieve itching caused by dry skin.  It is a nice thick cream that comes in a tube for easy dispensing allowing you to get every little bit out of the tube.  Although it is nice and thick it doesn’t feel like a thick coat on your skin.  It soaks in quickly and doesn’t leave skin feeling greasy.  It is also suitable for sensitive adult skin.The White Mallow Body Lotion (as seen on the above right) is made from 95% organic ingredients.  It is also fragrance free and designed to nourish and relieve itching caused by dry skin.  It is a mild lotion that can be used all over baby’s body.  It is also great for sensitive adult skin.  It isn’t as thick at the face cream but still a great consistency.  It isn’t the eatery type of lotion that slides of your hand but it isn’t a thick body cream either.  It is right in between.  It also soaks in quickly and doesn’t leave skin feels greasy.In both products organic white mallow and pansy extracts are used.  These ingredients “soothe baby’s dry skin and promote the development of healthy-looking skin. Organic coconut oil hydrates with a cooling effect and leaves skin velvety soft, while borage seed oil and organic safflower seed oil, rich in essential fatty acids, help support and improve baby’s delicate skin barrier.”These are products that parents of children with sensitive skin will easy become addicted to.  I have seen both of my sons’ skin go from flaky and dry to silky smooth.  We started using them morning and night to get their skin back in good shape.  Now we use them only at bedtime.  We love The White Mallow Collection!

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