Say Chic Mod Camera Straps Accessories Review

mod exists to bring color into the “black & white” world of camera straps and accessories.  Offering high quality innovative and fashion forward products, mod. allows you to express your individual personality and compliment your modern lifestyle.~mod.I’m thrilled with mod. camera straps and accessories!!  Not only are their products functional, well thought out and made with quality materials (here in the USA), but they also offer so many custom fabric choices to express individuality.Every photographer, whether a novice mom photographer or a seasoned pro can capture images in style wearing mod. camera straps.  I couldn’t have been more pleased when I received my new mod. turquoise animal/lace print patterned strap, embellished with chiffon flowers.  This strap represents my love of flowers and is perfect to wear while shooting centerpieces and bouquets at the weddings I create for.  Very artsy & unique!  Check out my video review below to see my new strap and awesome cap saver.

mod offers basic, classic and premium straps in a large variety of fabric options following current trends.  One of my favorite strap features is the “quick release” clip which allows for easy strap swapping.  Just like jewelry, you can change straps to coordinate with your outfit!  I was impressed by the durability, too.  Pull down weight is tested to 70lbs!  The adjustable strap length is 42″-48″  (33″ decorative portion) and is 1.75″ wide.I also loved the convenience and flair of my turquoise flower cap saver.  No more losing caps for me!  Simply peel and stick the cap saver onto the lens cap, place the elastic band around the lens body and no more worries about where you set the cap.  Again, mod. offers a large selection; from flowers to smiley faces….all ready to help you make your statement.thank you mod. for helping me make a statement!  mod.’s hand picked premium fabrics also grace their line of tech cases, drop-in pouches, accessory bags, and compact bags.  I’ve got my eye on the “Strap Wrap“ which attaches to mod. straps and holds money, credit cards and extra sd cards….very cool & handy!

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