Rmrv Holiday Gifts Lovely Silver Fingerprint Pendants Precious Metal Prints Review

Some of my most favorite artwork is composed of my daughters handprints.  Butterflies, handprint poems, turkeys such beautiful memories of when my daughters were little bitty.  My, how the time has flown by.  My girls are now tweens and my oldest has hands nearly as big as my own!  I pull out those handprints every once in a while and have my girls measure their hand against the imprint.  They get such a big kick out of seeing how much they’ve grown.  Of course, it’s bittersweet for me, because soon they’ll reach their adult size making it difficult for me to visualize their childhood state.

I was elated to discover Precious Metal Prints, a wonderful company that turns fingerprints into lasting, lovely pendants in silver and gold plate.  They are helping me keep my daughters fingerprints close to my heart (almost literally!). When you order a pendant or cuff link kit from Precious Metal Prints, you’ll have the chance to create a truly one of a kind, keepsake quality piece of jewelry that is both beautiful and sentimental.  When my silver pendant kit arrived, I immediately read the instructions and got to work.  Being the creative type, I tried figuring out a way to incorporate both of my girls into the piece.  The key is to work very quickly with the included precious metal clay since it tends to dry in just a minute or two.  

Because of this, the company recommends rolling the small amount of clay into a ball and pressing it down between the provided clear plastic to make a flat dime size disc.  Have your kiddo (or person you’d like the print of) nearby and ready to gently press firmly down onto the clay being careful not to press clay too thin.  Gently lift finger off and let clay dry. Try to be accurate the first time because clay could be dry before a second impression can be made!  Oh, I also want to mention that the company recommends children being at least 12-18 months old because their fingerprint is still developing and difficult to make an impression of. Once the clay has sat overnight, you mail it back to Precious Metal Prints (this postage is not included in the kit price) where they begin the process of turning your creation into a silver or gold plate pendant.  When your piece is finished, Precious Metal Prints sends it back to you.  

After a couple weeks I received my pendant and it was perfect!  I now have an enchanting impression of my girls pinkies to cherish and show off.  As an included bonus, you can have up to three letters imprinted on the backside of the pendant, so I selected the letter of our family last name and the first letter of both daughters first names. If you are looking for a unique, special gift this holiday, look no further. Precious Metal Prints has ladies and gents covered with choice of hand crafted fingerprint pendants or cufflinks. BONUS:  From now until December  Real Moms Real Views readers can score a 20% discount on purchases by entering the code “real20″ at checkout!!!  Happy Holiday Savings!  You can also find Precious Metal Prints kits at various retail locations.

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