RMRV Holiday Gifts: Baby Eye Candy {Sissy Boo Boutique #Review}

I will just come out with it. I am obsessed with my child.  As if you didn’t know. ha ha
I just think he is the cutest thing. One of the best things that has ever happened to me that is for sure. I just love him so much. I love dressing him up in the cutest clothes and making him look like a little man. I love the little shirts, pants, shoes, socks…I love it all.  It is so crazy because when I found out I was having a boy I never thought he would be so much fun to dress up.  Boy, was I wrong. I can’t go to the store without at least looking at little clothes.

Sissy Boo Boutique, an Etsy shop, is run by a newly expectant mother who is obsessed with all things itty bitty. Kylie Larsen never knew she was crafty until she took a class in college. Then she was hooked and can’t get enough.  Just wait until your little one is born, Kylie…then you will REALLY love creating cute things!! Kylie sent my little man some of the cutest things he wears.  When we received our Sissy Boo Boutique package I oooed and awwed over it.  I loved this little tiny clothes. I even took them outside to show my husband and father-in-law who were working on the deck. Then the first time he wore his clothes I sent both grandmas pictures of him in them. They are super cute! Mr. B received this cute little tie onesie.  It is a white short sleeved onesie with a red circle tie on it.

Look at the cute tie material!  I also love that the tie is stitched on instead of ironed on.  By having it stitched on it doesn’t peel off when washed and dried. Love it! I love having my son in a tie at church, it is much better than a puppy striped polo…at least to me.  I just love him looking like a little man. Mr. B also received those cute little suit pants he is wearing.  Let me just tell you, I have NEVER seen little suit pants before…and I have shopped a lot. These are the CUTEST things ever! They are pin striped and look just like daddy’s. When he wears these I just can’t get over how stinkin’ cute he looks in them. I even had a lady come up to us in church and say, “Oh!  He looks just like his daddy.” She loved the whole outfit. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any cuter than the tie onesie and the pinstriped pants,

A monster onesie!! Could you just die!!! This is sooooo cute!  This is a hand dyed onesie—which fascinates me–with a green knit monster stitched on it. The material feels a little like corduroy, but it isn’t…which is great because corduroy can fall apart over time.  Let’s back up for a second….Kylie HAND DYED this!  She even washes it afterward to ensure that it doesn’t bleed and doesn’t shrink.  I love the color.  It isn’t splotchy either…my one and only attempt at dying came out super splotchy, hence it being my only attempt. OOOO!  I just love that kid in that onesie!!  Not to mention that it is perfect for how he is handling daylight savings time.

Kylie even sent me a little something. How did she know that this mommy could use a little something to make me feel fancy?

This rosette is made from a redish, pinkish burlap. I say redish, pinkish because depending on what I wear it with depends on what color it looks more like. Love it!  There are three little pearls in it to make it a little fancier. I can’t wait for our first snow so I can wear it on white brimmed crocheted beanie….OOOO!  It’s going to be awesome!! Sissy Boo Boutique has so many other amazingly cute things. You can even buy plain hand dyed onesis!  Sissy Boo Boutique carries bright red, baby pink, lemon yellow, forest green, aqua blue, royal blue, purple, and charcoal. Think of Sissy Boo Boutique when you are gift shopping…baby showers, birthdays, and holidays.  Your loved ones are sure to love whatever you pick out!

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