Revolutionary Flat Colander {New Soda Sinkstation #Review}

Kitchen gadgets are one of my weaknesses.  Since I was a little girl, I loved to go to the kitchen aisles at department stores to “play” around with what lined the shelves.  My mom was fortunate enough to stay at home with me and my brothers while I grew up, so she taught me well when it came to “domestic engineering”.  It may sound strange, but I received a set of pots and pans when I was a teenager for Christmas, and was in heaven!Even though I love to bake and cook, time gets in the way these days.  With busy schedules, my family meals have to be prepared quickly and efficiently.  One new item that I’m impressed with for the kitchen is the Sinkstation by New Soda and distributed here in the states by HIC Cooks.   Sinkstation is a handy colander that is flat and rests in the bottom of a sink on raised legs.  It makes peeling, washing and preparing fruit and veggies a breeze.  With a sloped slot on the edge, once I’m through peeling carrots or slicing tops off strawberries, I can lift the colander up, walk to the trash and slide the scraps easily into the trash can.  Sinkstation acts like a cutting board, but conveniently drains liquid and water from rinsing.Before Sinkstation I would rinse my food off next to the sink, getting water everywhere.  I also had a tendency to drop waste scraps as I carried them from the sink to the trash.  Now I complete multiple tasks at once without the mess.  I can wash, cut, peel etc. and take the whole colander with me to dump waste.  Sinkstation comes in fun colors like pink, green, blue and red as well as a white and black.  Sinkstation is a useful gadget for the kitchen and is REAL MOM RECOMMENDED!!

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