Playing Hide Peek

Once I was nursing my son in a semi-secluded spot at the mall when an older gentlemen wanted to stop and have a chat with me.  While that is awkward in and of itself, it became even more awkward when my son was done nursing and I was trying to put myself back together…all at the same time not trying to give him a peep show.  My nursing cover just wasn’t doing the trick.  My son was trying to get out from under the cover.  I am trying to put my bra back together and keep my shirt from riding up.  It was bad.Nursing your baby can be such a bonding experience.  It can also be such a revealing experience.  It is such a trick sometimes to keep yourself covered up and still be able to help baby get latched on and in a good position.  Then checking on them to make sure they are doing okay or staying awake can cause all sorts of issues. Hide & Peek fixes the nursing cover problems and helps you stay incognito.  Hide & Peek are 360º nursing covers that keep you covered while allowing you to check on baby.  These great jersey knit nursing covers are light and breathable so baby will stay comfortable.  The neckline is flexible to you can check on your baby.  The material is soft and stretchy to fit many body shape and sizes.  It can be folded down to a compact size so it can fit in your purse or diaper bag easily.  

I received the super popular multi color stripe Hide & Peek.  I love the color palatte: navy, heather grey/tan, mint, and yellow.  It says baby boy but still makes me feel feminine.  The jersey knit feels like your favorite tee.  It is super soft!  This is a hand made product but the seams are serged and the hem is nice and straight.  You would never guess it was hand made.  (My favorite way to buy hand made!)  Simply slip the nursing cover over your head and let baby do it’s thing.  No straps to tighten. No material to make sure is in the right place.  No adjusting to cover you up.  Fast, simple, easy!  Retailing at $28 this is a great nursing cover!I can’t wait for my baby boy to arrive so I can  put the Hide & Peek to good use.  It is going to be so easy to throw into my diaper bag.  I am never going to have to worry about giving the old man a peep show again!  I am not going to have to worry about my extra pregnancy weight flopping out for the world to see.  I am not going to have to worry about baby grabbing the nursing cover that I meticulously placed to cover everything up and showing everything to the world.  Bring it on nursing!  I am ready for you!!

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