The Bold Look Of Kohler Kitchen Accessories

When looking for our new home several months back, a nice kitchen was top priority on our list since it’s where so much of our family time is spent eating and socializing.  Specifically, we were looking for a large one level island with plenty of space to spread out.  Happily we found a lovely open concept floorplan with island feature and have been enjoying it immensely.  Something I’ve noticed though about having an open island with built in sink area, is that I have to keep accessory clutter at bay.  Since the island area is a focal point, I don’t want too many distractions.Fortunately, Kohler has helped me to organize my open concept kitchen space with their new line of Kitchen Accessories.  The clean lined, white and stainless steel accessories can fit in any style kitchen and are engineered to be functional.My strategy was to keep the necessities in view and all other functional items, like cleaning sponges, out of view under my sink, but still organized and tidy.   I placed the Kohler Soap Dispenser next to my kitchen faucet.  With its one handed pump feature I can use my palm to press for soap when my hands are dirty.  I also left out the Flexible Kitchen Silicone Mat, placed between the two tub sink, which allows me to place a pot I’m filling up with water or trying to clean, without scratching the stainless steel.  It also works double duty as a drying mat or trivet.

Man in Kitchen

Under the sink, I used the Kohler Sponge Caddy (picture above shows Sponge Caddy on sink center because I had just washed dishes!) and Brush Caddy to store a Dish Scraper, Surface Swipe and sponge.  The caddies have open slots to allow air flow around sponges or scrubbers, and their bases easily remove for cleaning debris.  I have to mention that the Surface Swipe has been handy in getting water off my granite counter top that splashes up from the sink.  Although it can hang on the edge of the sink, I like keeping it under the sink.  Last but not least the Kohler In Step Paper Towel Holder with strong heavy base keeps my paper towel upright and ready for use.


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