Planning To Paint Your Home? Avoid These Renovation Mistakes First

If you’re planning to paint your home, then you need to ensure that you perform the correct renovations first to ensure that you experience a smooth & effortless procedure. Carrying out home renovations isn’t easy because there are high chances that you’ll end up doing one mistake or the other. 

Therefore, to prevent you from making any substantial mistakes, we have created this comprehensive guide containing the list of common renovation mistakes that you should avoid making at all costs. So, without wasting any more minutes, let’s get down to the important segment of this blog. 

Renovation Mistakes To Avoid Before Painting Your Home

  • Trying To Fix Stucco Cracks Without The Help Of A Professional

house painter in Auckland points out that cracks generally appear inside stucco because the ground under your home has shifted. And when the ground shifts, so do your home. Since stucco is not an elastic material, any slight movement can lead to cracks. 

The main issue that most homeowners face is that – they try to fix the cracks all by themselves and end up using basic cement to fill up the crack. However, such an action will not be able to solve the problem at all because the house will continue shifting and the applied cement will crack again. Moments like these are when you need to hire professionals to do the repair job for you, in the most effective manner possible. Professionals can easily assess the damage and thereby find the ideal solution for the same. 

  • Trying To Get Rid Of Popcorn Ceilings Without Wetting The Surface

Popcorn ceiling was the ‘cool thing’ back in the 1980s, but not anymore in the year 2021. These ceilings look pretty dated, which is the reason why most homeowners try to get rid of the same. It doesn’t matter whether you try to sand or scrape it, the main aspect you need to do is to wet the entire surface enough to be able to make the process seamless.

Without wetting the surface, if you try to sand or scrape the surface, then gouges or cracks might start appearing on the ceilings. And when cracks or gouges appear, you need to fill them with proper materials to provide a smooth ceiling surface. 

  • Trying To Spray Paint All By Your Own

If you’ve got a big painting project and you’re trying to do it all on your own, using spray paint, then it can prove to be a bad idea. Spray paint is a technique that you need to master before you can apply and mastering such a skill takes time. Moreover, any paint splatter will become challenging to clean up.

That’s why, we always suggest choosing professionals to help you perform your painting project, so that you can enjoy peace of mind


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