Nice and Neat {Prince Lionheart Modular Diaper Depot Review and Giveaway}

Setting up my son’s nursery was one of the most fin things about preparing for a baby.  It was a lot of hard work but we did it.  We cleaned out the room, painted, bought furniture, decorated, and organized.  It looks so cute!  I just love being in there. One place that never really looked how I wanted it to was the top of his dresser…the changing area.  I always felt like I didn’t really know how to make it look nice and still have it be useable as a changing table.  So I just settled with the fact that it was a changing table and wasn’t going to be cute.

Prince Lionheart proved me wrong though.  You can have a cute, organized changing area!  Prince Lionheart has been serving the parenting community since 1973.  A mother and a father started out crafting handmade rocking horses together in their garage.  It soon grew in to a company that provides quality, innovation, and outstanding service in many more products. The Modular Diaper Depot makes changing your baby easier, by helping you have all your tools in one organized place.  Fill it. Stack it. Flip it. Hang it. Take it.  There are several different configurations so you can make it fit all your needs.

Let your imagination go wild with configurations.  Put it all together in one place.  Split it up and have two different places with organized goodness.  Attach a side basket to put in diapering and grooming essentials.  Hook on the hanging clip and connect it to the side of your changing table. Here is what my changing area looked like before Prince Lionheart came in to save the day. I had a little stack of diapers, booty balm, wipes, and lotion just sitting next to the changing pad on the dresser.  All the extra diapers were taking up a drawer below.

Here is what my changing area looks like now that Prince Lionheart made it nice and organized.

There isn’t that better?  I have more diapers out and easily accessible…perfect for a kid that goes through diapers like no other.  In the baskets I have wipes, booty balm, and lotion.  My son’s bottom isn’t lucky enough to have warm wipes so Mickey and Minnie took the wipe warmer’s spot. I can also store more in his dresser now that the extra diapers are stored in the diaper depot and not the drawer. I have been using the Diaper Depot for a few weeks now and here is what I have learned.  See the basket on the left?  That is now hooked down lower on the modular.

I learned that when the diapers get low on that side the lotion would pull the center piece over…knocking off the elephant and Mickey.  I have also added a little brush to the left side, gotta make sure his hair is looking good after his nightly tub.  The booty balm now sits on the right side so that I could add some lavender lotion to the left side, making getting baby to sleep at night faster. I love the Prince Lionheart Modular Diaper Depot.  It has made my changing area look better, be more accessible, and has made changing a diaper faster.  This has practically given me diapering superpowers   Ladies, it is affordable too!  $18.99!!  Not shabby huh!

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