Baby Doll. {JC Toys Review & Giveaway}

Girls and boys loves dolls. That is something I think will never change. I have watched both of my children develop a love for dolls at a very young age. Holding them, rocking them, feeding them, loving them. It is sweet to see the innate loving nature of a child with a baby doll. It is always fun to find a doll that really looks like a baby! The more realistic, the better in our house! JC Toys has created several beautiful dolls, many of which look incredibly real!
JC Toys Group, Inc. is the worldwide designer and manufacturer of a wide range of collectible dolls, specialty play items and play dolls and accessories.

Established in, JC Toys is a family run and operated business that has continued to grow its product line to include many doll categories. Each doll and doll accessory is carefully designed to ensure that the end user is 100% happy. Our goal is to make all of our dolls loveable and to ensure that everyone, from a first time baby doll mommy to the most demanding doll collector are completely overjoyed with our quality and superior design. JC Toys Group, Inc. dolls were first introduced to the US Market in the early 1980’s. At this time the company and product was known by the popular name BERJUSA.

These dolls had a sizable impact on the doll market because of their innovative life-like features and adorable, gentle facial sculpts. Recognizable brand names of dolls introduced at this time were Minene, Tunene. Later in the 80’s dolls like the La Baby and the La Newborn were introduced and began, what today can be considered one of the most complete doll collections in the world. To this day the sculpting of all our products is headed by the artistic direction of Salvador Berenguer. The Berenguer family name has been associated with doll design since the’s. In Jose Berenguer, Salvador Berenguer’s father, began a lifelong passion for designing dolls.

By the’s Berenguer’s dolls had built a solid reputation of quality craftsmanship and unsurpassed beauty. The most popular Berenguer dolls during this era were the Chelito and Pepin dolls. Possessing the same natural talent for doll design as his father, Salvador Berenguer followed the family tradition of designing dolls. By 1967 Salvador began designing dolls and continues to do so today with remarkable creativity and an unending passion for perfection. I was thrilled at the opportunity to review a doll from JC Toys. Ava’s birthday is coming up at the end of the month and I knew a new baby doll would make a perfect birthday gift!

I loved browsing through the site looking at the wide variety of dolls offered. I was sent the La Newborn Real Doll and when it arrived in the mail and I took a peek in the box, I was ecstatic and it was so hard not to give my girl her gorgeous doll right then, on the spot! I kept her doll hidden away for a few weeks and when her birthday party rolled around this past weekend, I couldn’t wait any longer! We gave her her present before leaving for her party and she was so happy! This doll captures the innocence of a newborn baby and it’s sweet knit outfit, complete with cap and booties really adds a sweet touch.

Ava didn’t want to leave her new baby home, so in true little girl fashion, she brought her with us to the party {but left her in the car as I didn’t want her to get ruined at the water park}. Ava loves her new doll and keeps asking me if it’s real, because really, it looks SO REAL! This doll is very well made and very realistic. Ava has been loving her doll since she opened it; Hollis even loves to play with this precious doll. Ava has been so sweet and let him sleep with it a few nights now. Definitely was a fabulous birthday present for my little five year old! A toy she {& her brother} will enjoy for years!

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