Monkey Music! {Monkey Monkey Music: The Videos with Meredith Levande DVD Giveaway}

Do your little monkeys love to sing and dance If they do, then they will love the Monkey Monkey Music: The Videos with Meredith LeVande DVD!!Even before its official release, Monkey Monkey Music: The Videos with Meredith LeVande has been scoring kudos, winning both a NAPPA Honors Award and endorsement from Kids First: The Coalition for Quality Children’s Media.  Four of the DVD’s episodes were broadcast as music videos this summer on Comcast’s Kidz Bop Preschool on Demand channel.

  Possessing a universal appeal, Monkey Monkey Music:

The Videos with Meredith LeVande is already charming families in international markets as far away as Indonesia.

A collection of fifteen bright-eyed videos, Monkey Monkey Music:

The Videos with Meredith LeVande is based on songs from Meredith’s first album, Monkey Monkey Music with Meredith LeVande. The DVD inspires kids to “get up off the sofa,” dance, and sing along to an array of fun, rockin’, energizing tunes that encourage movement and imagination. From jumping high, to exploring New York’s Chinatown, to flying around the country, Meredith LeVande’s upbeat, educational music comes to life through a highly creative blending of live action videos and colorful animation.Five years ago Meredith’s debut album, Monkey Monkey Music with Meredith LeVande, became an instant hit with families nationwide, was a Parenting magazine “Pick,” and was in rotation on Sirius Satellite Radio, earning a grassroots status as a classic children’s recording. Meredith has, since devoted herself to performing for children in intimate settings, creating a repertoire that has grown organically from one-on-one interactions with children of virtually every culture.  This past summer, she released a second, highly acclaimed, album, What Are the Odds? Meredith’s music and videos are not only child-friendly, they’re truly child appropriate, developed with the healthy growth of the young child in mind.

Both of my kids are enjoying their Monkey Monkey Music :

The Videos with Meredith LeVande DVD so much! The first time I played it for them, Ava danced happily to the music trying to sing along, giggling and having a great time! The second time we watched it she was actually singing along to a few of the songs! All of the songs are really catchy and so fun to sing! The colors are bright and vivid and there are lots of kids on the DVD singing, dancing and pretending along with the songs. I find that my kids really get into DVDs and respond if there are children on the DVD participating. I love that Meredith chose to have lots of little ones on her DVD to inspire kids at home to dance and sing along! This DVD really makes Ava want to get up and move. She will sing and dance through the whole thing! Our favorite song has to be the opposite song. So awesome that the littles are learning while we are having a blast together! The kids request this DVD go on the road with us, too! We have taken it in the car to sing along with on our way to visit mimi and poppy and it kept the kids entertained, singing, & happy the whole way!

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