Meets amazing animal moms

Your mom might be the best. These animal mothers are second in caring for their children.


An alligator mother helps her eggs hatch by breaking them with her mouth when a cow (female alligator egg) begins to hatch.

She gently transports them from her mouth to the water, where she protects small alligators when they call to her. When they need a lift, she lets them ride on her head or back.


Females run the matriarchal society that elephants live in. The calf (baby elephant) is taught to nurse, care for and even babysit by all the women in the group.

Emperor penguins

A mother penguin abandons her egg with her mate and embarks on a two-month journey to see where she will hunt fish and squid.

Her mate returns home after returning from feeding her chicks, and then they head out to sea. The mother penguin is still there to protect her chick from extreme cold and wrap it in her warm feathered skin.


The leaves of the eucalyptus plant, which are extremely poisonous, are eaten by koalas. These leaves are safe for adult koalas to eat, but they are not safe for their joeys, which are baby koalas. Mother koalas eat their poop, which they then feed to their joeys.

Giant Pacific octopus

A hen (female Octopus) can lay up to 200,000 eggs. To prevent predators from attacking them, she fiercely guards them for several weeks or months.

She never leaves the eggs alone. Even when she needs to eat, she does not leave them. This sacrifice is why the mother octopus often dies when her larvae (baby Octopus) hatch.

Red-knobbed hornbills

Red-knobbed female hornbills are extremely protective of their eggs. The mother hornbill seals her eggs in her nest with her food, mud, and poop until they hatch.


A young orangutan depends on its mother for food, transportation, and transport, including riding on a piggyback. A mother orangutan gives her many young lessons as it grows up, such as where to find fruit and how best to make a nest.

While most orangutans will leave their mother by the time they reach 10, females prefer to visit their moms until around 15 years.


Mother giraffes guard their calves (baby Giraffes) constantly. They only get 30 minutes of sleep per day and just a few seconds at a stretch.

Wolf spiders

Most spiders will wrap their eggs in a silken pouch to protect them, but wolf spiders attach the egg sac to their bodies. The sac is carried by the wolf spider wherever she goes. The wolf spider will search tirelessly for the sac if it falls off.

Her work doesn’t end when her eggs hatch. She takes care of the spiderlings and allows them to ride on her back until their time on their own.


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