Catchy Mom Phrases that Really Work

These mom phrases, expressions, quotes and mom phrases are still amazing.

These phrases will help your child learn and grow. These mom phrases work. These mom quotes are strong and wise. This wisdom is valuable, whether you are a working mom or a single mom.

It’s a scientifically proven fact that children can listen!


It is possible to be strong mothers by being aware of the lessons we are teaching our children and knowing that these sayings will teach them valuable life lessons.

Catchphrases for dads and moms! Catchphrases for moms (or dads!) can be powerful tools to communicate with our children in clear, meaningful ways.

These 20 catchy mom phrases are great for teaching children how to behave in various situations.

We all can recall our childhood memories and the phrases that belonged to us as children. They communicated so much more than just the 5 or 6 words.


Yes, Mommy

Yes, Mommy, from Meaningful Mama. Use a game to get your children to follow your directions. It is the ultimate power of love and teaching obedience. Mother knows best, and sometimes it can be frustrating to fight for power.

Who are you most in love with right now?

What are you most passionate about Happy Home Fairy: Do your children struggle with sharing? Happy Home Fairy encourages us all to have a meaningful dialogue with our children about sharing. It doesn’t take much to do the right thing.

Please say 2 good things.

Please share 2 positive things from Pritchard Ministries. Children often use sarcasm and hurtful words to one another. Pritchard Ministries has a phrase that can help you diffuse sarcasm and encourage your children to use life-giving words. This is especially great for siblings. We hope that our children all get along when we become mothers, but sometimes it isn’t.

You can do it again.

Please do it again by Sacra Parental. Our children aren’t always going to do the right thing the first time. This is a way to show grace to your child and allow them to respond expectedly.

That’s Interesting. Tell me more

That’s interesting. Pritchard Ministries, tell me more: Our kids will sometimes come to us with difficult things. Instead of panicking and making them feel wrong for coming to us, we can practice this calmly ahead of time.

Mother phrases that make an impact…

People are more important than things.

People are greater than things by Meaningful Mama: A great conversation on teaching children to share. This is a vital lesson that a child young learn and will carry with them for the rest of their lives. Although it doesn’t take long to learn how to share, it is something that must be reinforced.

Teeth are for food

Teeth can be used to eat from Happy Hooligans. Are you a biter? Instead of telling them to “Don’t bite other people!”, teach them a positive statement such as this. Although a mother’s love is pure and unconditional, biting can test patience. When you are being bitten, it’s difficult to be a happy mom.

Good judgment is key.

Good judgment by Family: We must teach our children how to judge. They will need to make their own decisions and evaluate situations when not under our supervision. Remember to remind them to exercise good judgment when they leave your care.

Choose Joy

Choose joy By Meaningful Mama: Joy can be difficult to find, but if we don’t take care, our happiness can be tied to our circumstances. You can start to train your children (and you!) You can make an effort to choose joy instead of depending on your circumstances. This is one of the most difficult lessons. It can be difficult to find joy when things are hard.

Make it a great day.

Make Motherhood a Great Day by Beauty Through Imperfection: Motherhood isn’t always easy. Some days are more difficult than others. When you feel the day is getting worse, practice saying this to your children and yourself. It is amazing how changing your negative outlook can change the course of your day. This is a wonderful saying.

Children listen to their parents!

Be a good follower

Be a good following. For the Family: Following can sometimes have a negative connotation, just like judging. Here are some reasons why following is not always bad and how you can encourage your children to follow.

God is working in your life.

I see God in your life by Happy Home Fairy. It’s easy to praise our children to make it seem like they don’t need God’s help. Happy Home Fairy clearly explains how giving credit to God in the great things our children do can have spiritual fruit for their lives for many years to come.

Be a happy person and do the right thing all the time.

Obey immediately, all the time, with a happy listen by Parents With Jen: Partial obedience doesn’t equal true obedience. Begrudging is not the same as obedience. This one can be worked on with your children.

You Are Beautiful

You’re beautiful by Beauty Through Imperfection. It is important not to tie our daughters’ self-worth to their outer appearances. Our girls are so much more valuable than their outer appearances! It’s okay to remind sweet girls that they are beautiful and where their beauty comes from. It’s easy to do, and your daughter will love it.

Spend Less, Give More

Give more, spend less by Meaningful Mom: The chances are that your children don’t have more stuff! This phrase can encourage them to see how they can bless others with their resources.



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