Looking Fancy And Sweaty {Brady Bands #Review}

When I go to the gym I look pretty gross.  That is why I rely on having cute clothes and cute accessories.  With the help of these hopefully no one will notice that I am not wearing makeup, I have gross hair, and I smell bad. are fantastic non-slip head bands.  They will keep your hair out of your face and keep you looking good.  Named after the founder’s late little man, Brayden, who lost a year long battle with brain cancer.  As a memorial to Brayden, Brady Bands donates 10% of the sales CureSearch to promote research for childhood cancer.They have something for everyone.  There are headbands for moms to help them look good on the go or while you are getting your sweat on….well as good as you can look while sweaty 


They even have headbands for younger girls.

I love these headbands.  The DON’T SLIP!  Seriously!  I workout in them, get nice and sweaty, and when I get home they are still right where I put them with I got ready to leave.  I also love them because they go beyond the gym.  They look cute just wearing them around town.  They add a little extra something to your outfit.  They make you look like you tried, even when you just threw yourself together to run and get milk.  These should be one every mother’s must have list…especially new moms.  (I don’t know about other new moms but sometimes I am lucky to brush my teeth.  Showers are a luxury some days!)


Brady Bands are affordable and come in many different widths and styles.  I am not joking when I say, “There is something for everyone.”

Hurry and grab some for Easter baskets!  Wouldn’t that be fun to stuff in an egg!? 
Get your walking group matching headbands.
Surprise your daughter’s softball, basketball, or cheer team with spirit headbands!

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