Locker Envy! {LockerLookz #Review}

I’m officially a middle school mom!!  I’ve thought about this moment often over the last year.  How would it feel to drop my baby off at a school where she’ll spend her wonder years?  Who will she become?  What will her friends be like? My prayers are for so many wonderful, positive moments of personal expression, and, protection from all the trouble the words “middle school” conjure up (….. peer pressure).  After my daughter attended her summer welcome to middle school camp, and we learned more about what to expect, the nerves subsided, and both she and I became excited.  There are so many cool activities she’ll have the chance to participate in, and new faces to meet.  The thought of traveling throughout the school for various classes, attending athletic games and having her own locker are Miss M.’s highlights, so far.

To start middle school off right, LockerLookz is helping M create the best personal locker space ever! LockerLookz seeks to provide students an avenue of positive self-expression through a unique locker decorating experience. Offering a mix-and-match locker design collection,  strives to make locker decorating fun and easy while making the buying experience exciting and convenient. Additionally, our goal is to provide a school-friendly product that is non-adhesive and won’t damage lockers.  My daughter received a key themed wallpaper last year that she has been anxiously waiting to use, along with some pencil bins and an aqua shag rug.  For Christmas she received an absolutely adorable black chandelier with magnets that allow it to hang from the locker ceiling along with a sensored on/off feature that controls the light.  This year we added the finishing touches; mirror, dry erase board and precious key & bow magnets See my previous reviews here and here.

 This is her finished look:

It was so much fun decorating the locker together!  I’m thankful that M included me, as this is a transition for both of us .  It was relatively easy to set everything up.  Miss M’s locker was a bit smaller than the size of the wallpaper, so we had to cut it to fit.  That wasn’t a problem though because the back side of the paper has a grid, making it a cinch to cut a straight line.  After the wallpaper was attached with the included magnets, M took over and added her accessories.  Teachers were coming up to us in the hallway amazed at the “fancy” locker.  I know my daughter is proud to call this her “home away from home” for the next year.

LockerLookz designs are:

  • Attached with magnets, not adhesives
  • Reusable and moveable
  • Easy to install
  • Designed to be mixed and matched to create your own custom look
  • A fun way to express yourself

While out school supply shopping, we noticed quite a few “copy cat” companies popping up, entering the locker fashion business, but in my opinion, Looker Lookz seems to have the best quality.  I love how they also have a design your locker feature on their website that allows your child to create exactly the perfect look for their personality.  If you have a daughter entering middle school soon, it would be cool to get her excited about it, by letting her create an amazing, expressive space she’ll feel comfortable stopping by between classes!

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