Keep Those Little Ones Warm And Toasty

Fall is in full swing and we’ve started to have some cool days around here. I love this time of year… getting to FINALLY wear layers outside! But with that also comes worrying about keeping my kiddos warm while we’re outside too. Right now it’s not so bad,  but in about 2 months I know I’m going to have my hands full trying keep Lady’s head, neck and hands warm. I can’t even remember how many lost pairs of gloves we’ve gone through with Peanut over the past winters. Whether it’s finding missing said glove or just trying to keep them on those hands that don’t seem to EVER want to wear gloves, it is a challenge. However, I have found something that will totally change the way you dress your child for the cold outdoors. I was sent The Minkey, by Olie. This is a parents best friend to keeping their babies and toddlers warm. Part hat, part neck warmer and part gloves, this 3-in-1  garment allows you to keep those little ones warm with just one simple, easy to throw on garment.

The Minkey is a patented winter garment that is an all in one piece, with gloves, scarf and hat all in one piece. The Minkey is basically a baklava hat with an attached polo neck scarf that has two long sleeved gloves attached. All the pieces are attached to each other making it easy to keep your child warm and dry in the winter. The Minkey is very easy to use you simply pull on the Minkey over the child’s head just like a baklava hat and it will keep the child’s head, ears, neck, throat, arms and the hands warm and dry. The amazing thing about the Minkey is that it stays on even though your child doesn’t want it to so no more lost gloves, no more lost hats and no more cold and grumpy children. The Minkey keeps your child warm and dry all winter long in just one piece.~Olie I was so excited to try this on Lady. I was sent a size 24-36 month, but at 15 months Lady can still use it, so I’m expecting at least 2 good seasons of wear from this gem! It is so easy to put on.

I love that fleece is lightweight so that she doesn’t get too hot under a warm winter coat, but it will still keep her head, neck and hands warm. We haven’t dug out the Winter coat yet, so what you’re seeing is just the Minkey in action. It goes on right under the coat!I also really like that the hands can be let free or be covered. Washing is a snap too! We got the glove part dirty while wearing it for pictures. I simply threw it in the wash with the rest of Lady’s clothes and it came out of the dryer good as new! I am looking more forward to Winter now and will probably let Lady out more now since I know she’ll stay warm!  The Minkey retails for $15.00. You can find the them at select online retailers as well as Olie’s facebook page. The Minkey will also be available in a super cute dino style and a dainty flower style mid October!

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