Jeans With School Spirit

It’s back to school time and we have several family friends off to college! Of course, they are all after the hoodies, t shirts and sweats sporting their school logos and emblems. I have been sharing OCJ Apparel with everyone; a unique way for the ladies to  show their school spirit without sacrificing their style! OCJ Apparel offers women’s jeans supporting many universities in the United States. They are beautifully made jeans and on the back pockets you will find all sorts of school mascots, colors. and slogans! What better way to support your favorite school or college team than a pair of OCJ Apparel Jeans! They are gorgeous, high quality, and full of school spirit! You demand the best from the companies that make the denim you know and love; you shouldn’t have to settle for less from your university apparel. OCJ Apparel manufactures all of its denim, from the cut, wash, sewing, and embroidering in Los Angeles, CA. We have partnered with manufacturers with over thirty years of denim experience, specializing in high end premium denim. We are the only company solely focused on creating the highest quality, premium denim for universities.

OCJ also recognizes the demand for unique clothing, which is why we have created several different designs and styles to cater to your personal preference. Each design is custom made for every school. We do not simply copy and paste existing school logos and sew on a patch, but instead we take the time to create unique and fashionable designer adaptations to existing school logos that are hand embroidered; ensuring that what you wear isn’t the same as everybody else. And in keeping with this, OCJ is committed to introducing new designs and styles every year to keep our designs fresh and our denim up to date with today’s hottest trends. Everybody loves their school’s athletic teams, but you love your university not just on gameday. This is why OCJ has created a line of denim that is stylish and comfortable enough to wear anytime, no matter what you’re doing. Show your school pride and sense of fashion whether you’re on campus, at the game, or going out for the evening.

OCJ’s are perfect for all occasions. I am a total jean girl and was thrilled at the opportunity to review a pair from OCJ Apparel! I went back and forth between two of my favorite colleges, but decided on the TCU Zig Zag Bootcut in deep indigo. I really felt they were a great choice as we live very close to TCU and I love supporting our local schools! When these jeans arrived I couldn’t have been happier! They are a beautiful dark wash and they slide on so easy and are very comfortable. Really a fabulous jean! The Zig Zag design on the back pocket is perfect as it’s unique and shows your school spirit, but also isn’t too gaudy. Perfect for game days and everyday wear! Also, if you just love the jeans and you can’t find your favorite University, OCJ offers OCJ Originals that have all that gorgeous jean appeal without the school emblem! I will be wearing these jeans a bunch this fall as they are adorable, so comfortable, and show some school spirit! Go Frogs!

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