How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Venue for your Wedding Day

A Wedding day isn’t perfect without the perfect wedding venue! So, it a good idea to find one find one ASAP. Do not leave it undecided any longer. Whether it is a beach wedding or a church wedding, it’s your decision. But, decide fast! Couples are getting engaged every day; and they may have already started venue hunting. If you leave it hanging any longer, you may have to miss out on your dream wedding.

Find ideas about decorations for wedding venues in Sydney at Different Weddings! You will need to decide, but do not rush. It is true that you have to get it done fast, but not without taking into account certain aspects.

How To Choose A Wedding Venue

Now that you are engaged, you will have to start planning your wedding. It is a huge decision, but you will have to start planning the arrangements calmly. Start with the venue! The venue is the first arrangement that couples need to complete. If you are late, you run the chance of missing out on your dream wedding venue.

Here are a few pointers that you could use for finding the perfect wedding venue:

Wedding Date

Have you set the wedding date? That is the first step to deciding on the wedding venue! Would you want to have a November wedding or April wedding? It is your decision, but, do decide. Oh, do not forget to zero in on a date as well. But, do not be too strict! Keep your dates flexible (to suit the availability of the venue of your choice), and you will definitely find the perfect venue.

Number of Guests

This is a huge aspect. You do not want a venue that is over-crowded or one that looks deserted! So, make sure you have an estimate of the number of guests you are going to have. You also need to speak with the venue management about arrangements for a few extra guests. It is not unheard of for guests to cancel and then turn up at the wedding!


This is perhaps the most important aspect! You will have to sit down with your fiancée and decide on the budget of the wedding. Once you have set that, you will have to categorize and set a budget for each wedding aspect. So, you will have to do the same for the venue as well. This will dictate the bouquet of venues that you could choose from for your wedding.

Wedding Theme

Some want a simple wedding ceremony, while others want a fairy-tale wedding. What do you want? It is again your decision. Choose the wedding theme accordingly. The décor of the wedding venue should be able to sustain (or be apt for!) your theme decorations! Imagine a Disney Themed Wedding in a Church; or a beach wedding hosted in a mountain retreat!

Convenience of Guests

If you have guests coming from other cities, towns and even continents, you will need to consider their convenience as well. What convenience, you ask? Well, where are they going to stay? You need to find a hotel for all your out-of-town guests. Now, coming to the venue of your wedding! You will have to choose a wedding venue that is close to the hotel. If you choose one that is far away, then you will have to arrange for transportation. It would be easier for the venue and the hotel to be close-by.

Now, you are ready to find your dream venue! You could scour the online portals for more insight. Do not waste a minute more (after you get engaged) to start your search for the wedding venue. If needed, talk to someone, who got married recently. They will be able to point out some amazing venue options for you. Research well, know your mind and plan ahead to bag a venue that complements your idea of perfect wedding!

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