How to choose the ideal flooring option for your home

The floor plays an important part in the aesthetic of your home. Floors are expensive and once made, nobody expects to replace or renovate them soon. Therefore, choosing the right floor for your home is a big decision and a big house project to tackle. 

Types of flooring suitable for your home

Here are some flooring options which are durable and shall add a modern look to your house

Solid wood

Nothing can beat the beauty of a hardwood floor. It’s so inviting and classic that it can go with any kind of decor style and warm up any space. Its popularity can never go down. Talking about its longevity, you can expect hardwood flooring to last forever but has to be refinished at intervals. 

Nothing is error-free in this world and hardwood floors also come with some drawbacks. They are: Harwoods are not ideal for moisture-prone areas like the bathroom, kitchen or laundry rooms as woods have a tendency to warp and buckle in humidity so selecting a wooden floor for the bathroom, kitchen, or laundry room is a bad idea. If you stay in a cooler place solid wood is a good option but its maintained cost might affect your budget. 

Engineered wood

If you love the look of a wooden floor but think its cost and maintenance cost is high then engineered wood is the best option for you. The engineered wood is composed of a layer of real wood on a composite. Engineered woods can opt for the kitchen and bathroom as it’s not entirely made of wood but it looks exactly like real wood. Engineered can be a good option for flooring in Kerikeri


It comes to variety; tiles top the list. You will find a huge variety in tile floorings and you would never run out of new designs, materials, and patterns. A tile flooring shall steal the show and is the ideal choice one wants to make the floor a focal point. Tile can be installed anywhere in your house but it’s been installed in your laundry, kitchen, and washrooms. 

Luxury vinyl tile or planks

Luxury vinyl tile or luxury vinyl planks are the catchwords in the industry of real estate investors these days. LVT or LVP looks like wooden floors with the benefits and features of vinyl. These floors are thicker compared to traditional vinyl floors. They can be installed over the existing floors. Much cheaper than woods and engineered woods, these are good options among the budget-friendly floors. 


Carpets are one of the most reasonable initial investments but they are not permanent solutions. Carpets need much maintenance and create constant worries about damage or stains. You shall end up spending a lot more to deep clean and replace it after some years. 


A laminate floor is a material between engineered wood and luxury vinyl. The base of the laminate is made with composite wood just like engineered wood and its top layer has printed photographs like luxury vinyl. However not every laminate is made up of the same composition. The best part of laminate flooring is it has many options in colour and patterns and isn’t affected by water.

These are the selected options for you. You can choose them according to your preferences and  


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