How To Choose The Best Pool Cleaner For Your Pool Type

Every homeowner dreams of a sparkling-clean pool during the summer heat. The right equipment is essential to maintaining a sparkling pool. Selecting the best cleaner for your type of pool is also important. It can be difficult to choose the right pool cleaner for your pool from the many available. This comprehensive guide will provide insight into the factors that you should consider when selecting a pool cleaner, and the best options available for different types of pools.

Understanding Your Pool:
Before you begin the selection process for a pool cleaner, it is important to know your pool’s characteristics.
The size, shape and surface material of your pool, as well as the presence of obstacles like steps, ladders and ledges will determine the best type of cleaner for you.

Types of Pool Cleaning Equipment:
There are
3 main types of pool cleaning equipment: robotic cleaners and suction-side cleaners. Each type is different and has advantages that are suited for various pool types and cleaning needs.

1. Suction Side Cleaners:
These cleaners attach to the suction lines of your pool’s filter system.
The cleaners move around the swimming pool and collect dirt and debris into the filter system. These cleaners work well for pools that have minimal debris. They are also budget-friendly. They may have trouble with large debris, and this can put more strain on the pool’s filter system.

2. Pressure-Side cleaners:
These cleaners are powered by the water pressure of your pool pump and collect debris in a bag. 
These cleaners work better than suction side cleaners for pools that have moderate to heavy debris. These cleaners also distribute clean water evenly throughout the pool. They may need a booster to perform optimally, which will add to the cost.

3. Robotic cleaners:
Robotic cleaners operate independently from your pool’s filter system.
These cleaners are highly effective because they have their own motor, filtration system and can clean all types of debris including dirt, leaves and algae. Robotic cleaners offer convenient scheduling and are easy to operate. They are the most expensive initially, but they will save you money in the end and put less strain on the pool’s filter system.

How to Choose the Best Pool Cleaner For Your Pool Type:
Now that you’ve seen the different types, let’s look at how to select the right one for your particular pool type.

1. Pool Size and Shape:
When choosing a cleaner, consider the size and shape
your pool. Robotic cleaners are a good option for larger pools, as they can cover the entire area of the pool without having to rely on the pool filter system. Smaller pools can be serviced adequately by suction or pressure side cleaners.

2. Pool Surface Material:
Choose a cleaner
that is suitable for the surface of your pool. This could be vinyl, fiberglass or concrete. Robotic cleaners that have soft brushes work best for vinyl surfaces. Pressure-side cleaners can be used on concrete pools to provide a deeper cleaning and remove algae.

3. Debris Type:
Consider the types of debris
that are commonly found in your swimming pool. A robotic cleaner that has a large bag of debris may be your best choice if you have nearby trees that drop leaves. Suction-side cleaners or robotic cleaners with a fine filter system are recommended for pools that have finer debris, such as mud or grit.

4. Budget and Long-Term costs:
Although upfront costs are important to consider, you should also take into account long-term costs like energy consumption and maintenance. Robotic cleaners can have a high initial
cost, but they are more energy efficient and require less maintenance in the long run compared to suction or pressure side cleaners.

5. Additional Features:
Some cleaners have
additional features, such as remote operation, cleaning cycles that can be programmed, and smart connectivity. These features should be compared to your lifestyle and preferences.

When choosing the best pool cleaner, you should consider factors like pool size,
material of the surface, type of debris, budget and other features. Understanding your pool and choosing the right cleaner will allow you to enjoy a clean, inviting environment all summer long. You can maximize your pool enjoyment by investing in the best pool maintenance equipment, whether you choose a robotic cleaner, a pressure-side cleaner or a suction side cleaner.

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