How to Buy Outdoor Furniture Cushions

A stylish and homey patio is incomplete without vibrant, plush cushions. If left out in the sun or rain, the cushion’s material and stuffing can deteriorate. It is important to replace patio cushions that have begun to fade to keep your patio looking fresh and comfortable. These tips will help you find the right outdoor cushions for your sectional, bench, or chair.

Take measurements of your outdoor furniture to find the best cushions

Before buying outdoor cushions to replace your patio furniture, measure the cushions. You should match the dimensions of each cushion to ensure a perfect fit.

You can measure your furniture if you don’t have any outdoor cushions or if you don’t have any. Take precise measurements with a tape measure for every seat you wish to replace with a cushion.

To ensure that the cushions fit snugly, pay attention to the seat shape when measuring. A cushion with a square-back will not fit well if your seats have curving backs. Outdoor cushions are soft so you might be able to find something similar.

Choose the right replacement cushions for outdoor chairs, benches, and sofas

Rattan furniture replacement cushions are available in either a one-piece or two piece design. One-piece cushions can be used to cover the chair’s back or lay over it. Two-piece sets have one cushion for the chair’s back and one for the seat.

While some cushions can be used loosely to rest on furniture, others have ties or buttons that can be used to hold them in place. Although the second design is more convenient, it’s only compatible with benches and chairs with exposed frames to which the cushions can be tied.

Find outdoor cushions made of waterproof materials

As we mentioned earlier, outdoor cushions can fade over time due to sun and harsh weather. However, you can slow down the process by purchasing durable cushions. Check these key features before you make a purchase.

UV protection –UV protection is especially important for those who live in areas with high temperatures and many sunny days during summer.

Water resistance. Outdoor water-resistant cushions are less likely to get moldy during heavy rains and high humidity.

Durable Fill –Fills made of sturdy materials such as polyester fiber and reticulated foam are designed to dry quickly, resist normal wear and tear, and withstand frequent use.

All these features will make outdoor cushions last longer than cushions without them.

Choose Cushion Patterns and Colors to Complement Your Patio Furniture

As important as its functionality is the look of outdoor cushions, so too is their appearance. You can shop around for options that match your patio furniture’s style, location, and color scheme. A button-tufted cushion in a cream shade is a great choice for a brown patio chair. Striped cushions can be used outdoors to give your patio chairs a nautical look. A smooth cushion in a complementary colour is better for modern and sleek chairs. Outdoor cushions can be found in any style.

Add some outdoor decor to your patio

Matching accessories can be purchased to match your outdoor cushions. You can create a cohesive design with matching accessories, such as planters, umbrellas, stool, and stools in the same colors. An outdoor rug with the same color as your cushions can make your patio feel more cohesive and calm. To add depth and dimension to your color scheme, you can change the size and shape of your planters.

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