Here’s how you can know your car’s true worth before selling it

Selling a car is as stressful as buying a used car, but in both cases, the happiness that comes after striking a profitable deal is priceless. When your older car is no longer needed at home or you have set your eyes on something better, flipping it for cash is the best you can do to make space for the new one. As long as your car is roadworthy and drives well despite constant rattling in the suspension or from under the hood, you shouldn’t sell it at a throwaway price. There’s so much potential that goes unnoticed when people sell their old car.

So, here are a few factors that play into selling your car for the best price.

Every car depreciates at its own pace. Some possess a high-resale value even after clocking 100k miles while some lose most value after 50k.

The first step is to assess the used car market on something similar to what you are selling. Go through various online classifieds and find the maximum asking price for the car that was manufactured in the same year as yours. Once you know the ballpark asking price, the next step is to ascertain if your car is worth it. Here’s how to do it.

Is everything all right under the hood?

In order to get the maximum asking price based on the year of manufacturing and miles on the odometer, it is imperative that your engine is in good condition, preferably that has never overheated or undergone a major repair such as head gasket replacement. Recurrent engine repairs reflect adversely through performance lags, reduced fuel efficiency, burnt engine oil and increased carbon emissions. If your engine works fine and there are no mandatory repairs on the horizon, you can be confident that your car deserves the best price as per the market’s standards.

Has your car ever been in a major accident?

Accidental cars are a major turn off for potential buyers, and it’s not because they are still broken. Even if you fix an accidental car, the foundational parts, such as chassis and suspension will never be the same again. So, if your car has never been in a major accident, you can expect to sell it for the best price. One thing is for sure, you can’t lie through the teeth because the used car inspection test can tell it all. However, you can still get cash for cars in Auckland, even if they are accidental, by selling to a car wrecking facility.

Are interiors well maintained?

How clean and pristine your car’s interiors are? Are there any visible scuffs on the dashboard? Cigarette burns on the door panel or worn-out upholstery? If yes, you must consider getting them fixed before putting your car on the market. While these small fixes can swing in a profitable deal for you, why leave any stone unturned?

When was the last time you had the tyres changed?

The condition of tyres largely determines the value of your car because it’s a major expense in itself. If your car’s tyres have 70-80% tread remaining, consider yourself in a better position to ask for the best price. Also, don’t forget to keep the spare wheel intact. In case it’s missing, courtesy demands that you should inform the potential buyer about it.

After reading this, if you feel that your car has been maintained up to the standards,  don’t settle for anything less than what you feel is well-deserved. Or, if you feel your car is no longer roadworthy or sellable due to some reasons, you can always seek help from car wreckers regarding car removal in Auckland.

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