5 handy skills to look out for in any guitar technician

When it comes to the requirement of a skill set for any particular job, one has to admit that there are certain aspects that you have to look out for in particular. As an artist and performer, you need to ensure that you have a great show and play well. If you have gotten hold of a guitar technician, the littlest aspects should ideally be covered, starting from taking care of the stage area to changing batteries in a jiffy. After all, the technician should be quick on their feet and fast if a real difference is to be made.

Having said that, one may have the best Guitar Setup in Melbourne that has been taken care of by the best Guitar Repairs in Melbourne. It will make little to no difference if one is clueless about how to get hold of an experienced and hardworking technician that fits the bill. Finally, you need to make sure of the fact that the show kicks off without a hitch and a professional technician will help you out a great deal in that regard. There are no two ways about that, really. On that very note, let us take a good look at the five main skills to look for in a guitar technician:-

This is pretty much the first thing that one should look out for. After all, one cannot overlook the fact that there is a vast multitude of tasks to take care of during a live show. Hence, a blend of routine and flexibility will suit you perfectly since this will ensure that the technician can maintain a solid routine and do multiple other things at the same time with overlooking any important aspect.

No two shows are the same and the ability to change and adapt to sudden circumstances that tend to appear out-of-the-blue is a true mark of a professional who knows exactly what he’s doing. Be sure to keep that in mind. 

The aspect of tuning

Nothing is worse than an artist getting up on stage with an instrument that is out of tune. That is for sure. Most of all, someone who can tune only by looking, simply isn’t good enough anymore. If there are problems with intonation and the like, you need to hire someone who has a well-trained pair of ears so that any problem can be spotted and taken care of in the shortest time margin.

Spare tools

Even though this is a fairly obvious point, its importance is overlooked by a great many people out there. Make no mistake about this – somewhere down the line, a piece of your music kit will fail at the most surprising moment. It is up to you and your technician to expect the unexpected in every sense of the word. The best technician will see to it that a spare will ready in a jiffy at the most unexpected moments while making sure things don’t go out of hand. 

Staying up-to-date with all the equipment

This includes not just the types of guitars out there, but also the pedals, amps and wireless systems as well. A trained technician with enough hands-on experience for several years on end will certainly be ready for any new gear experience that comes his way. The more equipment he has dealt with, the more helpful he will be to you.

Knowing how to read a guitarist

This is the aspect that most people look over or tend to forget about. In retrospect, it is indeed a lot more important than one thinks. Being a guitarist, you will not be able to convey every problem of yours to them in words, so it is up to the technician to be skilled enough to read the signs and pick up the signals. 

Finally, you need to make sure that you do your homework in every aspect if you are to get down to finding the best guitar technician for the job at hand. And make no mistake about it – simply going through a couple of reviews on the Internet is not going to cut it. You can be sure of that. By doing so, not only will you end up narrowing your options down significantly, but there is also the fact that you are more than likely to end up with a technician who is not up to the mark.

Most of all, the above pointers will give you the best idea about what are the main expectations one must have about the service in general. Since this is your very own instrument that we are talking about, one cannot afford to compromise on even a single aspect in the list. Don’t ever forget that at the end of the day, the technician’s job is to make sure that you as a guitarist, have everything that you need. It is as simple and straightforward as that.


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