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My 19-year journey as a mother has brought me to the end of diapers. Our youngest is now ready for this step. It’s an exciting moment, but it also allows me to look back at the strategies that worked for my children and the ones that didn’t.

It was easy with my first two children. Both of them were done with diapers at 2.5 years. My oldest learned in a weekend. It was not long and tedious, there weren’t any tricks, we didn’t do any charts or reward systems, and it wasn’t complicated. It was the same with my second child. It took me nearly a year to train D-Man to use the potty. This was just two years ago. It was a lot of things that we tried, but once D-Man was ready it just happened.

D-Man’s reward system was one of many. He would get a sticker for every time he “went”. He would get a sad face if he was involved in an accident. He would receive a toy of choice after a week without any stickers. Although it was great in theory, it didn’t work for us.

After all the disappointments with my last child, RoRo is not something I am as eager to do. We don’t worry about it. He is three years old in April. He’s the youngest, and I know that I won’t have to experience this again. The last baby brought a lot of patience to a situation that used to bring tears and frustration. This is a time when your child learns to be independent and how to control their body and functions. This is not the time to be frustrated!

Huggies Pull Ups are something that all of my children have in common. Huggies Pull-Ups were a great tool to transition from potty training. It’s amazing to see how they have changed since 1997, when I first started using them. They have not stopped improving and I love the adjustable tabs at the sides. Huggies has been a favourite brand for many years because of its fun characters and designs.

Although my previous bout with pottytraining was difficult at times, it was one of my biggest turning points when I found the Pull-Ups app for potty training on my smartphone. D-Man loved it! D-Man loved the videos. He was excited to be a big child and would “Do the Potty Dance!” Each time he “went”, he could record it in the app. The sticker would then be given to him. The app had many resources. Now I see that the app is being updated and expanded. This will be a great option for my RoRo, who is a techie.

You will first need to create a profile for your child. This should include their name, photo, and you can also choose an avatar.

After creating your profile, you are ready to explore. There are videos, games and alarm clock reminders. D-Man’s potty rewards, as well as the videos and songs, was what made it so popular.

Say goodbye to diapers! 

Here’s the best news…


This means that I will share fun stories and tips with you as we travel. It will be so much fun to record and I’m thrilled for RoRo, to become a big child! One of his favourite parts will be interfacing with his favorite Disney characters through the app. He loves Mickey on his diapers, so I’m looking forward to the next step. He isn’t a baby anymore and he’s ready.

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