Here Are Some Tips for Your Next Commercial Painting Project

You may be considering starting a commercial painting business to increase your company’s appeal to potential customers. Project.

This guide will help you to understand how to hire the affordable commercial painters in auckland for your project and how it works. You can then focus on running your company and making money. Continue reading to find out more.

Locate the Right Contractor

When planning your commercial painting project, the first thing to do is find the right contractor. You need to find out what services and features the contractor offers.

The Right Contractor’s Features

A good contractor will not only offer the best services but also have the right features. It is important to find a contractor with extensive experience in commercial painting. Ask them about their years of experience.

A contractor representative must be knowledgeable and able to understand the technical requirements. They should also be able to prepare a fair contract and proposal and avoid misunderstandings.


Pro-Spec fulfils both of these requirements. Pro-Spec offers all the services you might need for your next commercial painting job. They also have all the right features with licensed and bonded professionals who do all the work.

Pro-Spec is also a 40-year-old company, making them the best choice. Pro-Spec is fully insured, so you can be sure that nothing will go wrong with your project. However, if it does happen, you are covered.

Budget and Scheduling

After choosing the contractor you want to do your next commercial painting job, it is time to plan how you will do it. Begin by sitting down with your business partner or team to discuss what you can afford.

Take a look at the amount you spend on your business to budget properly. This will help you to project how much your business will make in the future.

Effect on Schedule

The schedule will be affected by the expected costs. If you don’t want customers to be inconvenienced by the construction noise, you will need to hire a contractor to do after-hours work. This can often cost a bit more.

Remember, too, that a painting project done during winter is usually cheaper than one done during summer. This is a good time to offer discounts to customers more inclined to visit in the summer.

Select the right colour and finish

After you have chosen the right contractor and determined the budget and schedule for the project, it is time to choose the right colour.

When choosing the right colour for your building, you need to consider branding and customer needs.

The paint you choose for your commercial painting project must match your brand. The colour of your painting must match your brand, just as you might have a storefront sign that uses specific fonts or colours or a store gear that features your logo.

Inform Customers and Employees

You must inform both your customers and employees about your commercial painting project. You can avoid any HR problems by informing your employees if they have allergies to the project.

Customers will feel cared for if you inform them about the painting project by sending them an email newsletter.

High Safety Standards

You must inform your customers and employees about the painting project. Also, ensure you follow high safety standards, so you don’t endanger them or your business with a lawsuit.

Choose a paint that is non-toxic and won’t cause health problems for employees or customers. If possible, avoid irritating the customer, so it doesn’t interrupt a pleasant shopping experience.


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