You must shop around for the right staffing company to manage your travel nursing career. Although we would love to be your trusted resource, not all agencies are the best. It must be mutually beneficial for everyone involved. That is what we get.

Everyone has different criteria, and your future working life will depend on your research. You have the power to choose the right staffing agency for you.

In the industry journal Nursing 2019, RN Sherill Dunning advises that it is important to understand why you are travelling clearly. Write down your desires, including the possibility of an assignment to a country you’ve always wanted to see… or the convenience and ease of housing with a club attached. Next, list what you want.

It would be best if you found a healthcare agency that can meet your needs as a nurse. We have some suggestions for how to find the right staffing agency.

What do Travel Nursing Staffing Agencies Do for You?

Medical travel agencies do the placement of nurses seeking work across the country. These agencies can help you find the right job by working with hospitals that need additional nursing support. Staffing agencies can help nurses interested in travelling get positions at various locations and facilities across the United States.

Tips to Choose the Best Travel Nursing Agency

We are a medical nursing agency and will answer any questions you may have before you choose us to be your staffing agency. However, not all agencies are as transparent. It would be best if you discussed many topics with every Agency you are interested in.

Discuss the benefits of working with the Agency

Nurses who work with agencies can enjoy many benefits. You may be eligible for a lower pay rate if you inquire with the Agency that places nurses on travel.

Ask about their partnerships with other facilities.

Each staffing agency will have partnerships with different hospitals and clinics. You might be interested in working at one facility if you narrow your search to the staffing agencies associated with it.

If you dream of working for the Mayo Clinic, you need an agency that can provide travel nurse staffing services. You will likely find new work with agencies with a large network.

Take into account the size of the staffing firm.

Larger staffing agencies will have a wider pool of recruiters that will allow you to work directly with a recruiter who understands your requirements and works for them. Your recruiter should be able and willing to help you find the right job.

Each recruiter is different. If you don’t like the chosen person, you can ask for someone who understands your needs better.

Many larger healthcare staffing agencies offer good benefits, networks, stability, and other advantages.

Make sure they have worked with a nurse in your speciality.

You will need to partner with an agency with at least some experience placing nurses in your speciality. For nurses who work in specific areas of medicine, it may not be easy to find a staffing agency with experience placing nurses in your speciality. Also, ensure that they regularly have openings in your speciality. Not all nursing specialities offer good travel opportunities.

Ask Which Cities Are Availability

A best nursing agency in auckland may have positions in multiple locations, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they are offering all positions. Some staffing agencies are restricted to high-demand areas. Some are regional and others national. You should ensure that you work with an agency that allows you to travel to the destinations you desire throughout your career.

Although many travel nurse staffing agencies claim they have positions across the country, this is not always true for nurses looking for work in niche areas.

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