Healthy Is Happy {Exergen Temporal Scanner #REVIEW}

Having a healthy baby not only means a happy child but a happy mommy.  It is no fun to have a sick and sad child.  Not only do you know they aren’t happy but you aren’t getting good sleep and don’t get anything done during the day because they just want to be held.  It is tough for both parties. It really stinks when baby isn’t feeling so great and you have to take their temperature. They don’t want to hold still long enough to get that armpit temp.  They don’t like something being stuck in their ear and NO ONE wants their temperature taken rectally.  Baby already feels bad enough; don’t make him feel worse just by trying to take his temperature.

Exergen is a world leader in industrial and medical non-invasive temperature technology.  Exergen provides lower cost, higher accuracy, less invasiveness, and greater reliability than ever previously possible. The Temporal Scanner  is the most effective non-invasive thermometer ever created. Presently, half of hospitals and pediatricians currently use the Exergen Temporal Scanner, and well over 4 million consumers use one at home. Doesn’t it make sense to want to use hospital grade products on your baby at home? I think so, especially when it comes to my son’s health. I can’t rant and rave about this product enough.  Before I received it I was using a thermometer that I bought at a grocery store.  Normally I wouldn’t buy products like this at a grocery store but it was from a trusted company and didn’t cost a lot of money.  I used that thermometer on my son a bunch of times but he cried every time.  He didn’t like me sticking something in his armpit and keeping it there for a minute and a half–which seems like forever when you are trying to keep a sick child still.

The Temporal Scanner is SO EASY to use.  You just press and hold the button on the front while you run the thermometer along your child’s head.  Simply place it on their forehead and slide it to their temple and into their hairline.  Easy!  In fact, when I use t on my son, he smiles at me.  He thinks it is funny to put that on his forehead.  A smile on a sick child is wonderful.  Plus, it is super accurate! I have even used this on my husband a time or two.  He also appreciates that he doesn’t have to hold something under his tongue.  By not having to use the thermometer on his tongue we don’t have to worry about spreading sick germs. Really, this is a wonderful product!  A must have for anyone’s first aid kit.  It would make a great baby gift too! You can purchase a Temporal Scanner at Walmart, Rite Aid, Costco, Sam’s Club, Babies R Us, Walgreens, and many other retailers!!

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