Happy Puppies Yummy Treats Premium Pork Chomps Giveaway

We love our pups! We have two boxers that have been a part of our family for almost 9 years now; my how time flies by! They are such sweethearts and we love playing with them and the kids absolutely love giving them special treats! We are pretty particular about the treats we give our dogs; they have be to safe, healthy, and of course enjoyable for them! Premium Pork Chomps by Scott Pet sent us a fabulous box containing a variety of their chew treats; a 100% rawhide free snack for your pup to enjoy! Pork Chomps are the long-lasting chews that dogs love. They are made of baked pork skin, which is easily digestible and naturally delicious. Their great taste is only enhanced by Pork Chomps’ intense flavor stripz in peanut butter, bacon, chicken and pepperoni flavors.

That’s part of the reason why dogs choose Pork Chomps 9 to 1 over ordinary rawhide in independent taste testing! Pork Chomps not only satisfy the instinctive need to chew, they also clean dog’s teeth. Pet parents love the fact that Pork Chomps are easy to digest. And dogs don’t just chew Pork Chomps they eat them leaving behind no slimy pieces to clean up. Great-tasting and easy to digest, it’s no wonder Pork Chomps have earned the loyalty of so many dogs and dog owners alike! I was so excited to get a few special treats for our dogs! For our review we received a variety of items from Pork Chomps; Knots,  Stripz, Twists, and Earz.

Some were wrapped in a sweet potato, some a bacon flavor {yum} or just had the natural pork flavor. So there is a variety of styles, but there is also a nice variety of flavors for your pup! Pork Chomps are 100% rawhide free, and made from a healthier alternative: expanded, baked pork skin. They are also 99% more digestible, compared to rawhide chews, which are only 50-85% digestible. Before Pork Chomps, I used to worry so much when giving my dogs any kind of rawhide chewy; they would chew on it, choke on it, cough it up; it was just no good. I feel so good about giving my two dogs this healthy treat and they have really taken a liking to them! I have to say, I don’t even think they have a favorite; they have been tail waggin’ and excited about every option and devoured them ALL! They seriously go nuts for these new treats and consume the entire thing. No slimy mess leftover to clean up!

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