6 Furniture Removal Tips for Stress-free Moving

Anyone can find moving house stressful. If you have accumulated years of items in your home, it can be more stressful. Generally, furniture makes moving difficult and stressful because they are heavy.

It’s great that you’re willing to do this alone and have your best friend help you move heavy items like sofas, fridges, washing machines, beds and refrigerators. However, it’s important to consider the condition of your furniture before you move into your new home. It would help if you also considered any back, shoulders, or knees injuries.

However, this does not mean moving is difficult. It only takes good organization skills and pre-planning to make this process easy.

These six tips for  furniture removals in auckland will make it easy to move your stuff and make the transition to a new home stress-free.

Plan Your Journey

It is important to have the road maps and directions ready before moving. It is not good to plan your route ahead of time as you don’t want to be lost during your move. It will increase your confidence in knowing the route to your new home. To see if you can avoid certain routes, check out the traffic for the day.

Visit Your New Area

It doesn’t matter if you are a stranger. You have made this area your home. Make it a habit to visit often. It would help if you also understood where your furniture will be placed. This will give you an idea of what you should do with the stuff you don’t need.

Assemble Furniture in Advance

As soon as possible, take apart your furniture before you need it. Take the legs off tables and couches, and take apart the bed frames. This makes it easier to move furniture and protects walls and doors from damage. This also makes it easier to move furniture.

Professional Assistance

You should be concerned about the emotional attachment to your family members and your belongings. They will safely transport your belongings. They can also help with packing and storage long before you move. You pack your items properly to ensure they are safe during the move.

Get Everything You Can

Pack only the essentials. Instead of waiting for your removals company to arrive, make use of it to learn about the items they won’t move for you. This will save you money and allow you to freely move bulky items such as furniture, pool tables, and pianos.

Do not waste your time packing heavy items. It will be taken care of by your moving professional. This time can be used to pack anything more difficult or important. You will need the right packing materials to do some packing work yourself. Do not spend too much on packing materials. Reuse any cardboard boxes or bubble wraps that are in your storage area.

Make Your New Home Clean

Your new surroundings will require some cleaning. It will reduce the amount of work involved in moving. It is possible to arrange for your furniture to be cleaned before moving them. You can take a list of all the items you need to clean, so you have a checklist. You will need to maintain cleanliness and freshness in your new home.


It’s that simple! This will make it easy to do everything you planned. These steps will make it easy to unload and pack. Ask your mover to transport each item to the right room. Then you can focus on unpacking later.

Furniture Removal Tips

Disconnect All Devices

Please do not leave it up to the furniture moving company. You can accomplish certain tasks on your own. You can disconnect all your devices from the electric socket, for example. This will make a move much easier and faster and keep your devices safe.

Empty Bulky Items

Before your moving company arrives, make sure that your fridge and cabinets are empty of all items.

Keep Children Away

Children are most vulnerable when moving. Children who are too young might become scared if they’re not careful. They could also get hurt by moving men carrying heavy items around your home. Keep them at your friends and neighbors during the move to avoid these situations.

Pets Must Be Cared For

Pets require extra care. During the move, they will run around and get lost. This could be very distressing for your pet. It is better to get rid of them before your movers arrive so they can move your furniture.

Priority Box

Ensure you have all of your essential items with to move. You might need to bring your phone charger, keys, remotes, flashlight, and any toiletries or kitchen necessities.

Notify your neighbors

It’s best to inform your neighbors and caretaker about your move date so they can easily access your house or truck. Your neighbors will appreciate your communication and help you make it easier for your mover. This is crucial because furniture and other bulky items require space to move.

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