Hairstyling Products Safe for Kids! {Glop & Glam #Review}

Meet Glop & Glam, the parent-approved, natural and organic hair care collection that deliciously combines style and functionality for infants, toddlers and tweens. The beloved brainchild of rockin’ hair stylist momma Andrea Ridgell,Glop & Glam is popular among both parents and kids for offering honest, pure and fashionably fun hair care. Involved in the beauty industry since the early age of 16, Andrea knows more than just a thing or two about healthy hair care. After seeing a void in the market, Andrea, along with her husband Nathan, decided to develop a hair care collection that was both health conscious and kid-friendly – Glop & Glam.

Devoted to keeping kids out of beauty harm’s way, they uncovered replacements for every harmful ingredient inside the bottle while maintaining a sugar high of youthful energy. Hairstylin’ is difficult on the Tween set.  They’re at that age where ease still rules hop out of bed and throw it in a pony, sound familiar? , got a stylized bob haircut. I hesitated on taking her to get the cut because I was afraid she wouldn’t keep it managed.  Sometimes getting my girls to wash their hair everyday is like pulling teeth.  They play hard and sweat (..oops perspire sounds more girly, doesn’t it?), so I’m happy for them to just keep their hair clean, let alone style it! Miss M. has styled her new hairdo, but there are still those days were she clips it back.

Happily, I found a few products from Glop & Glam that are helping both of my tweens maintain their locks. If you’ve read some of my earlier posts, you already know that I love to find natural products for my family, the kind that don’t have parabens and other harsh chemicals.  Adult haircare products, which I believe most people tend to also use on their kiddos, are notorious for these types of ingredients.  Glop & Glam has made it their mission to create haircare products just for kiddos, that keep this junk out, however, still incorporating proteins and natural additives, like aloe, echinacea and green tea to make them effective.

The creator of Glop & Glam stands behind her products and has tested and uses them on her own children.  To me, this says I want the best ingredients used in my brand of products. My girls were able to test out some of the Glam products, creamsicle mist (detangle & condition), and glitter bubble gum (tames waves & controls curls) as well as the Amazing Candy Apple shampoo and cake batter conditioner. First off, I must say that the shampoo and conditioner smell good enough to eat. don’t! I’m just sayin’. My daughters didn’t fight me to take a shower and wash their hair the night our Glop & Glam goodies arrived! We added the creamsicle detangler and then dried their hair afterwards.

I immediately noticed how soft and shiny their hair felt and looked. I give my thumbs up. Real Mom Recommended!   There were no flyaways, and the yummy smell lingered in their hair. I will be grabbing more of these items, no doubt. Glop & Glam product benefits: anti-frizz control, improved manageability, natural shine, added volume, lightweight to prevent build-up. Glop products (geared toward boys) include:  watermelon hard candy (tame & control curl), banana spike putty (spikes thick straight hair) and chocolate controller (adds texture and shine).  If you find it challenging to make your little man’s do stand out (or up!), give these a try! You can purchase Glop & Glam products online or in quality salons and beauty stores.

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