Amazing Memory Book Life As You Live It On The Day I Was Born Book Template Review

It’s truly amazing how many wonderful and inspirational items I can find on Pinterest! You have no idea how excited I was when I recently found the “On The Day I Was Born” book template! I am world’s worst at scrap booking…I mean THE.WORST! I have millions of photos some printed, some stuck in my computer, but have never been able to take the time to organize them or scrap them in any books for my children. The On The Day I was Born Template is a beautiful book created by Stacey, a lifestyle photographer, when she was pregnant with her third child. She created it as a gift to her older boys and as a tool to prepare them to welcome their baby sister! So sweet & a wonderful idea!

I was blown away the cuteness of the On the Day I Was Born book template and couldn’t wait to get started making them for my two! We are done having babies, but I think this book is the perfect keepsake of the special day your baby came into the world! My kids love looking at photos from the past; before they were born and after. They are obsessed and both have several little photo books with the most random of family photos. They love looking through those books remembering special outings or events from their lives.

The On the Day I Was Born Template is a simple purchase and very user friendly! After the files are emailed to you, simply open the individual pages in Photoshop and drag and drop your photos into the appropriate pages.  Inputting your child’s individual information is also easy peasy! The book pages are designed as layers in Photoshop and that makes this little project so simple. Doesn’t take too long at all; surely not as long as scrap booking a child’s birth {or how long I imagine it would take!}. When you finish, you simply order your book and wait for it’s arrival! I can’t wait for my kiddos to see their books; I know they are going to love them and look through them often. They are always looking through photos from their birthdays, asking who was there, who held them, who waited all.night.long.for them to be born! Definitely special memories from a magical day. The On the Day I Was Born Template is compatible with Photoshop Elements 7 and later versions. If you don’t have time or Photoshop to create your own book, you can order a Custom Book. Simply send your photos and child’s information and have the work done for you! So nice!


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