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We all know that I am on a Wonder Woman kick right now.  I told you the other day about the Wonder Woman Rides race that I am doing with my mom and my girls–Crissa, too!  And before that, I shared my new arm sleeves from Groovy Baby Action Gear.  I am getting ready to run!!  While searching for the perfect Wonder Woman ensemble for our race, I came across iGlow Running.  There are companies that do running gear, then there is iGlow Running!  A lot of races are starting to have themes.  A lot of the runners go along with the theme and dress accordingly.  iGlow Running is the place to get your themed running attire.  Therefore, they are the PERFECT place to find Wonder Woman Gear.  One thing that I feel like is an absolute necessity when I run is a good headband.  I have weird-o bangs that are forever falling in my face.  They aren’t long enough to stay back.  Plus, when you wear a headband, it collects all the sweat that would normally run down your face—GROSS!  iGlow Running sent an amazing Wonder Woman headband and matching wristbands.  They are gold spandex with red lining.  The headband has a red star embroidered in the center.

Not only are they great quality, but they look freaking fantastic!  iGlow Running has all kinds of fun Wonder Woman gear:

I would go ga-ga over any one of these pieces!  How fun would it be to cross the finish line as your cape flaps behind you in the wind??  I love that they have so many different options when it comes to WW gear.  Shorts, capris, skirts, tank, tees.  You will be the star of the race no matter which combo you choose.I started iGlow Running by coincidence. I was going to a night race and there was a contest for the best running costume and decided to make a fun and sparkly outfit, although still comfortable for long distance running. I received so many complements during the race and hence how the idea of iGlow Running started. Now iGlow Running is my full time career and I put all my time and effort into the creation of these running outfits. As a marathon runner, then all my designs are fully tested in Half Marathons and many other races. The concept of iGlow Running is fun and comfort. I don’t want my outfits to look like costumes and that is why I combined athletic seams and finishes.What girl doesn’t want to shine after weeks and months of training. So when the day of the race comes, this is your day, you want to shine…you want to GLOW, iGlow Running

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