Getting Lippy {Violent Lips #REVIEW}

Halloween is such a fun time.  You get to dress up and change into anything you want to be.  In the last few years I have been a witch, Tinkerbell, Alice in Wonderland, and Minnie Mouse.  I love dressing up. In all of our dressing up, how important is the makeup?  Sometimes it is a make or break to an outfit. I mean, you can find tutorial after tutorial on how to do the perfect Halloween makeup on You Tube. I don’t normally choose a costume where I have to have great makeup. When I was a witch I attempted to do great makeup and I turned out looking like a drag queen. (That’s me in the green wig. See what I mean?)  When I was Minnie I just want to have great red lips like her…I ended up with lipstick on my teeth all night long, even after the lip stick faded.  What a mess!

Violent Lips can help you make your Halloween awesome…without lip stick all over your teeth.  Violent Lips is the ultimate form of self-expression.  “This innovative line of Temporary Lip Appliqués will keep the print and color on your lips for up to 8 hours. Vitamin enhanced with a smooth feel and glossy finish, the appliqués are easy to apply to lips of all sizes.”  They make a range of lip applliques–from bold animal prints and fun polka dots, to sexy fishnets and picture-perfect Glitteratti sparkle.

  • Pink Glitteratti
  • Available in lots of different colors
  • Game Day–Blue, white, and grey
  • Available in lots of different colors
  • Zebra
  • Available in other animal prints and different color patterns
  • Aren’t they so fun!?  There are TONS of different patterns….flags from different
  • countries, words, animal prints, glitter, patterns!
  • I received the Pink Love, Gold Glitteratti, American Flag, and Leopard.

I love this!  I just might design my Halloween costume around one of them.  I am thinking Beyonce in Goldmember with gold glitteratti lips.  What do you think? These are super easy to apply. First open the pack and remove one of the sheets…there are three sheets to each pack. Pop out the top lip.Next measure your lip with the applique and cut the corners…just find which line you fit best and cut on it! Be sure you don’t include the wet line of your lip…they won’t stick there. Next, peel the plastic backing off and place on lips. Lightly dab the paper backing with a wet cotton ball…I used a wash cloth.  Keep dabbing until the backing easily peels off the applique. It almost does it one it’s own.

  • Seal by wetting your lips with your cotton ball or wash cloth.
  • TADA!  Style that lasts for hours.
  • Here is how I did.
  • First I tried the Gold Glitteratti applique.

Yuck!  Don’t mind my hairy lip!  I WILL be waxing that tonight…EEK!

Anyway, I didn’t go a good job lining the applique up on my lips…as seen on the top left side.  I also cut the top lip a little too big…as seen on my middle lip line.  It was peeling off the wet line of my lip.  Also, I cut the bottom lip a little too big…as seen on the bottom part of my lip. I liked the color. It was flashy. Definitely fun for Halloween. It was sticky though.  Very sticky.  Perhaps this is because I cut it too big and it went on the inside of my lip and started peeling?  But the bottom lip was sticky too.  This is what happened when I put my lips together and then opened them.

There is no way I could have worn this for 4-8 hours like it says they will last.  Needless to say they peeled right off.  The bits that were left I used a makeup wipe to easily wipe off. Trying to figure out what I did wrong I went to Violent Lips and watched another video.  Nope didn’t do anything wrong.  The cute girls were wearing the glitteratti lips and they weren’t sticky.  Wonder what my deal was.  I will try the glitter again….maybe I just did it wrong or something. Next I gave the Pink Love lips a go.  I wanted to see if I could not only do a better job at cutting and lining the applique up, but I wanted to see if it was sticky too. Success…kind of.  As you can see on the left hand side bottom lip, there is a little crack in the color.  I guess I didn’t have my lips all the way tight.  See the little white thing on the left side of my top lip….it came right off.  No biggie.  I just didn’t notice it before I took the picture.

These weren’t sticky like the glitteratti ones were.  I don’t know if that is because of the appliques of because I did something different.  (When I try the glitteratti again I will leave a comment and let you know.) I guess I have small lips.  I mean I know I am no Angelina Jolie.  I didn’t even cut mine on the smallest line but some of the L is cut off…as you can see at the top of my bottom lip.  It doesn’t look bad when my mouth is closed though.  Perhaps only I notice it but if my lips were any smaller and I had to cut to the last line more L would be cut off.  Perhaps the word appliques aren’t the best for small lipped girls….or small lipped girls should get plumper injected before using the word appliques.

I have been wearing them for a few hours now and they are still on!

All in all, I like these.  I think that you need to be prepare to waste one or two trying to figure them out but once you get the right shape, save your backing and use it for a pattern next time.  I can’t wait to try the stars and stripes and leopards out.  Maybe I will be a leopard for Halloween instead?? Lips I would like to try in the future would be the Blue, White, and Grey lips (for when I go cheer on my Alma Mater), It’s a Boy lips (for the next time I find out I am having a baby boy), and The Red Multipack (there are 3 different shades of red…great for when you want to wear red lip stick like Minnie Mouse but don’t want it all over your teeth).  Maybe I would like to try the Crimson Glitterattis too…that is if I can get my gold ones to work next time. Right now on the Violent Lips website, use the code HW2012 to get 20% off your order. Violent Lips range from $7.99-$14.95 per pack. Remember there are 3 sets of lips in each pack!

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