4 Dinner Games for Families and Kids to Play Together

Dinner is the time when all family members gather around the table and enjoy some time with their loved ones. It is the time to reconnect and share stories and things that happened that day, and have a laugh over the past anecdotes while enjoying a delicious meal. Dinnertime can also be the perfect time to have some fun and play some exciting games. If you are looking to spruce up your evenings with some fun and educational games, here are our top four suggestions for the whole family to enjoy.

Eat-your-veggies game

This game is a great way to get your kids to eat all their veggies which as we all know, is a mission impossible most of the time. For this game, you’ll need a single die and of course, lots of veggies. It’s very much like playing board game Ludo, only instead of racing your tokens to the finish to win you’re actually competing to see who will eat all their veggies first. First, the person will roll a die, and depending on the number they get, they’ll eat that many vegetables from their plate. Then, the person sitting next to them will do the same, passing the die to the next ‘player’. The objective: Clean up your plate first!

Have some fun with guessing games like Botticelli

Similar to the game of 20 questions, Botticelli is a guessing game that involves participants to know different biographical details about well-known persons. The game starts when one of the participants takes on the role of a famous character or person without revealing directly who they are. The other players need to ask questions in order to find out the identity of the person in question. The tricky part? You can only answer with ‘yes’ or ‘no’, and must not share any other information. The guessing game is over when the identity of the mysterious person is revealed. This game will mostly work for older kids who have knowledge of historical figures and famous people and can actively participate in the game.

Play word games to help boost their language skills

Your evening meal can be the perfect time to boost your children’s language skills without them even realizing it. Reading games, spelling games, and word-forming games like Scrabble are perfect for dinner game nights, and the older children are sure to enjoy them. But when it comes to smaller kids, they may not understand the game or find it too difficult to play. However, if they attend Phonics courses that can help them boost their language skills, they can feel more included in the games their parents and siblings are playing. These courses will help them tackle the areas that need improvement and improve their reading and spelling skills so that they can enjoy more complex dinner games together with their family members.

Test their geography knowledge

Who said geography can’t be fun? Playing a geography game can be a perfect way to test your children’s knowledge and teach them some new things at the same time. The game starts with one person saying whichever place comes to mind. The other players need to come up with a place name that begins with the last letter of the place that’s been previously mentioned. The places in question can vary from states and countries to towns and cities. For instance, let’s say that the first place was Michigan. The next player has to find a place that starts with ‘n’, for example, Nevada. Then, the last letter is an ‘a’, and the person next to them continues with a place that starts with that letter, and so on. Testing their geography skills is a great way of teaching kids to love education and it can help nurture their competitive spirit in a healthy way.


Who doesn’t love games? They help kids and parents bond and develop a positive relationship while at the same time helping children develop various skills. These four dinner games are just a couple of suggestions on how you can liven up your evenings without necessarily relying on TVs, tablets, and computers for entertainment.

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