Fun In Sqwishland! {Sqwishland Toy Giveaway}

I am constantly amazed at the revolution of toys. Everything has changed so much since I was young and I am constantly saying how much cooler toys are now! I mean, i love a good vintage toy, but these days, toys are just on a whole other level! They are amazing and it’s hard to even imagine what toys will be like for my grandchildren! I remember when the coolest thing in a quarter machine was a bouncy ball! Now you can get amazing toys that lead to virtual games and lands! It’s simply amazing and incredibly fun for children!Buy One or Collect Dozens For Code to Endless Fun OnlineWith Sqwishland LLC selling almost 47 million units of their popular toys, they have now collaborated with Funguy Studios to create an online world for the much loved collectors items. Inspired by the Purchasing their Sqwishland characters in the form of a capsule, from a retailer, they will be provided with a secret code for that character. This code will grant them access to Sqwishland, in which they will be able to; play with other children from around the world, play mini flash games, follow the missions and watch a story unfold, go to the Sqwinema and watch the latest Sqwishfilms, train, feed and play with your Sqwishland characters and much much more..Where can you buy Sqwishlanders? Click on for, what else, a SqwishFinder! Amazingly, a list of more than 300,000 vending machines is listed within a 100-mile radius of your zip code. These individual Sqwishlanders can be bought for 25 to 50 cents. For a bigger investment and more squishies at once, a brand new tube full of 6, 12 or 24 capsules with critters is expected in stores in mid-November. Look for the Surprise Mix of 6 or 12 piece tubes at toy stores and retailers from coast to coast. Additionally, the company is rolling out a Party Mix of 24 characters and individual

Mystery Capsules with 1 rubbery piece measuring 2

Ava loves animals and she loves collecting things, especially tiny things. When I first saw the Sqwishland characters, I knew she would really enjoy having a few and starting a new collection. They are cute, tiny, rubbery animals and you can find them in vending machines and in stores. Of course, as soon as they arrived she was wanting to open them up and play with them. They came right before Halloween, so they were special Halloween treats for her! I let her open 5 and her favorite so far is the “sqowctopus”, but they are all so cute! Each character comes with a code that allows you to get online into the Sqwishland virtual world and play games with other children around the world as well as feed and take care of your Sqwishlander! Very cool! Setting up your child’s account is so simple and quick and then the door is opened to all sorts of Sqwishland fun! Sqwishland is bright, fun, and very kid friendly. So far I think Ava’s favorite game to play is the Tractor Race! She is actually getting better and better at it! Sqwishland is totally free {unless you want a premium level membership} children can play and you don’t have to worry about any bad language, bullying, product advertisement or asking of personal information! Your child can play safely online and have fun! Ava loves to play on the computer and it is so comforting to know that she is safe on this site! {even though I always keep a watchful eye on her when she is at the computer.} I think it’s so great that such an affordable toy can open up this fun little world for kids! These Sqwishlanders would make great party treats or even a nice little surprise gift or reward for your little one to brighten their day!

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