Fashion With A Purpose Good Works Make A Difference Accessories Review

My oldest daughter is at the age where she understands the importance of accessorizing. She realizes that an addition of a bracelet or scarf can enhance her outfit and express her personality.  I am loving this stage of life. Now, my daughter and I can share accessories and I am not as hesitant to spend money on a piece of jewelry since it will most likely be worn twice as much!!  Both of us make the piece our own too, depending on what we wear them with. The latest addition to our accessory collection is a bracelet from Good Work(s) Make a Difference.Faith is central to our family, so I was excited to find Miss M a scripture bracelet that is a reminder of her beliefs.  With its “stacked” look the Inspiration with Crystals Wrap Around Bracelet is right on trend.  Made of leather, the bracelet comes in a variety of colors and scripture verses.  It was so difficult to choose one scripture as all of them were encouraging, but we decided on the magenta leather inscribed with Matthew 19:26…..”With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible”…when Miss M looks at her wrist she’ll know not to give up and to trust her Lord as she journey’s through life’s challenges of growing up.  The attached crystals lend a sweet feminine touch and add sparkle.  I love how the bracelet winds around the wrist and fastens with a buckle clasp, making it unique and artsy.

Good Work(s) Make a Difference is founded on the principles of its namesake; “we can do good- and doing GOOD always WORK(s)”.  A quarter of their net profit is spread toward charitable causes and campaigns. Some of their accomplished acts include moving homeless into fully furnished homes, renovating an orphanage in Mexico and providing holiday gifts for underprivileged children in Los Angeles.  I love Good Work(s) mission “Fashion with a purpose”.I was generously given the opportunity to select a piece from the Good Work(s) collection and I picked the trendy Divine Torino Leather Wrap bracelet. I absolutely LOVE it! It comes in a wide range of colors, but I chose this neutral camel color. I love it because it looks great alone or perfect paired with other bracelets and/or my watch. The camel color is perfect and goes with pretty much everything! I also love the jewel and metal details, and the inspirational works add a touch of whimsical charm. This is the perfect bracelet to pair from everything from jeans to skirts. ~AUDREYI wouldn’t say I am a goodie goodie by any means, but I do go to church and I do try to do my best.  I try to read the scriptures daily but more often than not I forget, am too tired, or choose to watch The Bachelor instead.  So for me it is always good to have a little extra help and a few extra reminders throughout the day.  I received the Inspiration Metallic with Crystals Wrap Around Bracelet in black with the scripture Matthew 7:7 on it.  It says, “Ask and it will be given to you, seek and you will find, knock and the door will be opened to you.”  This bracelet is a good reminder to me when I am struggling with life’s little tests that if I will just turn to the Lord I won’t be alone.

  I will receive hope, comfort, and peace.  Besides the little reminder it gives me, I like that it is fashionable and super comfy to wear.  Metallic black with crystals is trendy, a little rocker, and a little classy all in one.  I especially like that it is adjustable…good for my chunky 7″ wrists. ~CRISSAI really loved looking through all the beautiful bracelets at Good Work(s) Make a Difference. So many gorgeous choices it was really difficult to pick a favorite. You can find everything from prayer bracelets to mens cuff bracelets; something for everyone; tweens to adults! I have been on the hunt for a nice leather cuff bracelet so that helped me narrow down the selection a bit, and I was able to find the perfect one in the Good Work(s) Make a Difference shop! Their Hope bracelet from their Faith Bracelets collection came in a soft mocha color with “hope” stamped in the leather. It has a nice feminine width and the brushed nickel finish is really pretty. It also has a snap closure that is easy to get on and off by yourself; so nice! I have worn it a bunch since it arrived and it is so comfortable, pretty, and I have really been enjoying it and all the compliments I have been getting! Not only does Good Work(s) Make a Difference provide a gorgeous variety of jewelry but they also donate 25% of their profit to charitable causes! Gotta love a company that gives back and puts such positive energy out into the world! 


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