Far Out Freshness

Grab a carpet square.  It is story time!  A few years ago my husband went to an optical and bought a really nice pair of Oakley sunglasses.  That weekend we went to Lake Powell.  Before we went for a jet ski ride I said to him, “You should probably leave those here so you don’t lose them.”  “I am not planning on getting in the water.  We are just going for a ride,” he said.  In the middle of our ride we stopped the jet skis to check out the view.  For some reason his jet ski tipped and his brand new $110 Oakley sunglasses went for a swim all the way to the bottom of the lake.  He was so sad that he had just lost an expensive pair. Far Out Sunglasses to the rescue!  Far Out carries all the freshest, trendiest shades for men and women at prices that you can lose them in a lake and not feel too sad about it.  Of course you would feel sad that your favorite sunnies are gone but at least won’t feel like vomiting.  ha ha

Far Out sent me a handful of glasses to try out and model for everyone.  They really spoiled my husband and I!  We are some lucky and proud new owners of some killer Far Out sunglasses.  I can’t wait to show them to  you.  Let’s get to it!  No need to wait!!First I received Havana’s.  This awesome oversized, glossy black sunglasses will leave you feeling like a celebrity.  The black polarized lens reduces glare, helping you see better while in the sun.  I really like these glasses.  They are comfortable and fashionable.  These glasses retail for $20.  Every girl should have a pair!!Next I received two pairs of Yellow Lens Aviators…his and hers.  These silver metal glasses feature a mirrored yellow lens.  These are the kind of glasses that when you wear them you feel like people are dying to ask you where you got them because they want a pair too.  Now these lens are UV400, the highest level of protection blocking 100% of all harmful light from the sun.  I have had my eye on aviators but never found a pair that sit right in me, until these. Love them!  My hubby begged for the second pair…and he looks pretty hot in them.  These unisex glasses retail for $20 and are also available with black or blue lens.I also received a pair of Red Wayfarers with yellow lens.  Another pair of unisex glasses, these shades have matte finish frames and UV400 protection yellow lens.  These are sure to add a cool pop of color to your outfit.  I think these are super fun and make this mom fell young and hip again.  My husband likes them too but lets face it, he isn’t cool enough to pull them off.  I can definitely see a younger, hipster dude sporting them…not so much for my 40 year old non-profit CEO.  These sell for $15 and are currently sold out but have no fear, there are other colors!

Next, the White Polarized Wayfarers with a black lens.  These are the same shape as the red ones but these feature a polarized and UV400 lens.  Like the red frames these are also matte.  These are also a great pair of unisex glasses.  I think these say “I’m cool” without looking like I am trying to be cool.  Once again my hubby liked these but isn’t cool enough to pull them off.  I can see these on my brother though!  Too bad I am not going to share   These retail for $25 and are available in 13 other colors. Lastly my husband received the Black Amped glasses.  Unlike the Wayfarers, these have a glossy finish frame.  They have polarized lens and a cool metal logo on the side.  My hubby loves these!  These are his cool and casual glasses.  He says they are really comfortable too.  These are also available in tortoise brown and white.  They retail for $30 and would be great for any guy!  Can you say stocking stuffer idea!?  You’re welcome With sunglasses ranging from $15-$30 or combo packs of three for $50 you can afford to buy a few.  Keep one in your purse and in each car.  Now you won’t have to hunt down your one pair of glasses.  Plus, if you happen to flip the jet ski and lose them in the lake you won’t be too bummed.  Grab a few pair for your self, your spouse, your teens and college kids, your bestie, or your siblings.  These make great gifts!  I am telling you, STOCKING STUFFERS!!  Stick a few pair in, some candy, and of course an orange and your loved one is set!!

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