Educational Childrens App Pilo1 The Pillow Fairy App Review

Parents are constantly trying to find ways to get their young children to sleep! I know my two are up several times after the bedtime story and tucking in routine needing water, hugs, potty breaks. I know we are always trying to find new tricks to keep our littles in their beds and off to dreamland quickly! Pilo1 – The Pillow Fairy is a darling FREE educational App your children are sure to love; it’s warm vibe and sweet story will definitely draw them in! Pilo1 is an interactive storybook app designed for both iPad and iPhone!

Tommy doesn’t want to go to sleep. As a way to help him, his father gives him a present, Pilo, a pillow that belonged to him when he was a small boy. Pilo is no ordinary pillow doll. When Tommy goes to sleep Pilo comes alive and interacts with Tommy. This app encourages your child to go to sleep to dream about Pilo because when awake, Pilo is simply a pillow. Your child will have a blast decorating, dressing, and interacting with Pilo! I also love that you can choose your main character; Tommy or Sunny. Up to your child if they want a boy or girl main character in their story. Pilo1 is a great “trick” to have up your sleeve as far as getting your kiddo to sleep, but it is also educational. Your chid will love helping Tommy and Pilo with puzzles; over and over again! The full version has games and stories that will engage your child as long as you let them play! Very cute!

Pilo 1 Details:

Listen in English, Korean, or Chinese
Choose your character! Choose Sunny for a little girl.
Change Pilo’s clothes by touching screen
Interactive effects encourage reading


● Selected as support project for smart content by the Korea Creative Content Agency
●Finalist inthe SPP Competition
●Selected as pilot support project for pre-production by the Korea Creative Content Agency
●Selected as overseas marketing support project for smart content by the Korea Creative Content Agency
●Selected as translation support project for smart content by the Korea Creative Content Agency
●Seoul Character Promotion & Pitching Contest”Excellence Award”

Interactions: Scene after scene, funny and wonderful interactive effects will increase interest in reading.

① Seeking the Pilo box (interaction of seeking the box containing Pilo by moving boxes)

② Situational interaction (As the tussling main characters fall backward, the door to the dream world is broken into pieces.)

③ Seeking a hidden Tommy (interaction of seeking a hidden Tommy by moving things in the room)

④ Decorating a dream tree (interaction of seeking funny things hidden in the dream tree)

⑤ Seeing the dream world (The screen can be rotated 360 degrees by touching.)

⑥ Seeking and growing a dream tree (interaction of growing a little sprout into a wonderful dream tree by touching).Get cozy with your little one and download the free version of Pilo1 – The Pillow Fairy App! You will love the snuggle time with your small one and they will be ready for dreamland in no time!

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