Dove Deodorant Caring For The Sensitivity Of Your Armpit

One of my least favorite things in life is shaving.  I mean it isn’t a hard task (unless you are pregnant)…it is just time consuming, expensive, and needs to be done far too often.  Why can’t I just have alopecia in my armpits and from the waist down?  LOL Is that to much to ask? Okay, if it is…I will just take it from the waist down. I can handle my armpits.Armpits are the easiest spot to shave but we still need to take care of the sensitive skin under there. Join Dove® Deodorant in changing the way we care for their armpit.  Begin fixing the damage done by a harsh razor and make your armpit look beautiful again.  You can do this by simply using Dove® Deodorant Advanced Care with Nutrium Mositure after you shave to heal and protect sensitive skin.Dove® Deodorant Advanced Care with Nutrium Mositure is available at Target in the deodorant section.  It is available in 3 scents: cool essentials (green tea and cucumber with a hint of fruit), nourished beauty (floral), and skin renew (clean and fresh).  It delivers 48 hours of odor and wetness protection while nourishing your sensitive armpit skin.

Real Moms Real Views readers can save $1 on Dove deodorant at Target!  Just print the digital coupon to start taking care of your armpit skin.  Before you know it you will see a difference.This is a sponsored post.  All opinions expressed are 100% mine.


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