DonsueMORE!! {Donsuemor Giveaway}

I don’t just have a sweet tooth.  I have sweet teeth!!  I absolutely LOVE anything with sugar in it.  I am like Buddy the Elf.  If it has sugar in it then I LOVE IT!!Donsuemor is my recently discovered new addiction.  They “bake delicious, wholesome products that bring delight to everyday life.”  Okay!  I am down with bringing delight to my EVERY DAY life!!  They make the most delicious moist little cakes with a fresh, unforgettable taste.Don and Sue Morris (Don-Sue-Mor) embarked on a business venture making madeleines for the local charcuterie, Pig by the Tail, in Berkeley’s gourmet ghetto.  Susie began baking five dozen madeleines each week in her home kitchen. As the community began discovering these delightful treats, Don decided that it was time to find more stores. He would pack his Volkswagen bus with boxes of madeleines, encourage store owners to taste, and always a box was sold and a new store added.”  Before they knew it they have been in business 30 years and are selling to customers all over North America.

“Donsuemor madeleines are elegant little French cakes with distinctive shell shapes. Rich and buttery with a unique flavor and texture—soft and moist with lightly crisped edges—they are made with the finest quality, all natural ingredients.”  They are about the size of a cookie but moist like a cake.  They are super soft on the inside and have a crisp but not crunchy edge.  Each one…believe me I practically tried each one…is baked to perfection.
Donsuemor madeleines are available in five flavors: Traditional, Dipped, Lemon Zest, Chocolate, and Dipped Chocolate.  Don’t ask me which one is my favorite because I was in love with each of them!!!   Especially the chocolate dipped in chocolate….YUM Donsuemor added a new product—Cute Cakes.  These are adorable bite-sized mini cakes.  Don’t be fooled by their size though because they pack some major taste.  “Inspired by the marriage of cupcakes and petits fours, Cute Cakes are delightful, yummy and fun to eat.”  Like the madeleines, they are soft and moist.  Each is “decorated by hand with alternating dip and drizzle, and then sprinkled with colorful sparkling sugar.”
Available in vanilla or chocolate.  The vanilla cake has a dark chocolate coating and the chocolate cake is a creamy chocolate cake with white chocolate coating.  Both are the perfect portion size of delicious cake.
After tasting everything…more than once…I realized that what they say IS true—Donsuemor is “delight to everyday life”!  These are going to make the best little gifts for my friends and family.  They are perfect and unique!!  Plus then I won’t be the only one addicted.

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