Cute And Smart {Tiny Tillia #REVIEW}

I love shopping for baby things.  In fact just the other day I was at the store to get 3 specific things and looked down in my cart and I already had 7. I like finding cute clothes, fun toys, and products to make my experience as a mommy easier. Now that I am watching my friend’s little boy, who is only 10 weeks older than my guy, I am looking for things that both boys would like to play with.  Perhaps even things they would like to play with together.  Before becoming a mommy I decided I would not be a mother who put their kid in front of the television and called it good.  I wanted to teach and play with my kids.  I want to be active in their life.  I have decided that even though my two guys are little I want to do at least one educational thing with them a day.

Tiny Tillia was founded by a mommy that wanted to give her kids more than what was already out there.  She wanted to turn every day routine into special moments. Tiny Tillia brings us soft clothes, developmental toys, inspired nursery decor, high quality bath products, and things to pamper mom. Tiny Tillia sent me this great set of Nesting Blocks. These 10 colorful blocks are made out of study cardboard. Adorned with the alphabet and pictures of something that starts with that letter, kids are sure to love them.  When stacked on top of each other they stand 35″ but when nesting inside of each other they break down to a 5″cube. I really like these blocks.  First, I like that they are made of cardboard and not wood. This means that baby won’t get hurt if they come tumbling down. It also means that no one is going to get bonked in the head or have a block thrown at them that could be harmful. Second, I like that they break down and nest inside of each other. This makes for a great travel toy and one that is easy to store in a toy box.  Lastly, I like that they are an educational toy.  It is never too early to teach a child to be smart.

I use these blocks all the time. Even though my little guys are still too young to actually play with them they like to look at the colors and pictures. I go through each letter with them and teach them about colors, the letter, the sound the letters make, and the pictures.  I know it may sound silly to teach little tikes things they won’t understand at this age but every little bit counts and the time is priceless. Tiny Tillia also sent me this adorable summer romper. This is super cute and soft! I love little outfits that make dressing baby a snap. I can hardly wait to have a little girl to play dress up with.  She is going to look so sweet in this.  Baby girl will be the hottest thing on the playground.  Watch out boys! Tiny Tillia also has a bunch of wonderful new things for the holidays.  Be sure to stop by and check them out!

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