Clever Knife Storage Holiday Gifts

How do you store you’re kitchen knives?  In a block on the counter…..magnetized to the wall…..tossed in a drawer?  Here is a new solution for functional and attractive knife storage; the KNIFEdock!With counter space at a premium, this ingenious knife storage system allows you to neatly tuck away your cutlery from the countertop to the kitchen drawer. While other knife blocks utilize pre-sized slots, this universal storage solution sits inside the drawer and can accommodate almost any size knife. The patent-pending SlabStab technology features layers of flexible cork-like dividers that adjust to accommodate almost any blade and can increase the life of your cutlery. KNIFEdock is sized to fit inside standard kitchen drawers. Knives rest vertically in the tray allowing for easy visual identification. Made from sustainable and recycled materials.  ~ Knifedock

I was excited to try the Knifedock.  Most of my kitchen knives have been stored in a wood block on the counter for years.  I like the idea of storing them differently, in a drawer out of site.Knifedock fits nicely inside the small drawer next to my stove which was originally stuffed with pot holders and hand towels.  The Knifedock only takes up half the drawer, so it allows me to still keep some neatly folded towels in there, too.  Cork lines the bottom of Knifedock and is cut into many layers, approximately 2″ high at one end.  Each layer “moves” as a knife blade is placed between them, allowing for various sized blades and protecting blades from dulling.  I was surprised at how many knives fit inside the unit, including my bread knife and chopper.  With a notched end, different handles can be accommodated which is a plus.  Storage wise, I thought the Knifedock was great.  Having the knifes out of site keeps my counters tidy, and I think it is safe to keep them in a latched drawer, away from small children.I did notice that when I pulled my knives out of the Knifedock, they had a grainy cork residue that I needed to wipe off before use.  I’m not sure if over time the cork would sustain, or continue to create flakes.  I like that the cork is a natural material.

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